Muhammad Ali once quoted that people are as old as they think they are. When it comes to fashion and looking good, age is just a number. It’s a wide misconception that people cannot wear fashionable clothes after they hit their 60s. Celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Bryan Ferry, Daniel Day Lewis, Bill Nighty, and Ian McKellen have proved this mentality incorrect. For those who are over 60 and want to dress well, here are some tips to help with the attire.

Look for clothes that compliment the structure

It is common for people to get a little softer around the middle after they turn 60 years old. Therefore, it is necessary to keep this structure in mind while choosing clothes. Casual clothes that give the body that extra bit of structure must be preferred. Opt for button-downs and polo shirts as they define the shoulders and make the arms look bigger due to their seams. It is a good idea to go for polo t-shirts with tighter armholes, and roll up the shirt sleeves to bulk the biceps. Those wishing to wear t-shirts for men can look for the baseball-style raglan sleeves. The seams of these t-shirts run from under the arm to the collar; given an illusion of a broadened chest and back.

Invest in blazers of every colour

A cool way to add structure is by investing in blazers. The shoulder pads of the blazer make one look broader and stand straighter. It can also one of the easiest things to wear. Hence, purchase one of every colour. Avoid suit jackets unless one wants to be formal. Also, it is better to not choose corduroy material.

Avoid bold prints

Avoid big and bold prints, but strive to keep the wardrobe sleek and simple. Add interest on them with small pops of pattern such as a striped silk scarf, floral tie, and spotted socks.

Simple outfits

The golden tip to dressing well after the 60s is to keep it simple. An ideal attire would be a simple polo t-shirt along with black trousers and a black jacket. Do not wear brown shoes with black unless the laces of the shoe are black.

Opt for neutral colours

It is a bad idea to choose black coloured clothes as they can be harsh on mature, paler skin. Warmer colors like soft grey, brown, navy blue, and camel must be chosen instead of black.

Pay attention to hair fall

It is natural for the hair to start falling excessively once people turn 60. Do not try to conceal the bald patches using a strip of hair. Try shaving off everything instead of choosing a comb-overroute. It might be a rather brave decision to go bald. But it might not be such a bad idea either.

Duck the tuck

Unless one has a washboard stomach (which is unusual of someone in their 60s), it is best to keep the casual top wears untucked. But this can be rather tricky when one is ordering graphic t-shirts online as there is no means to try the piece before purchasing it. So to avoid returns and replacements, do not choose a size that might be sticking to the body.

These are some tips for men over 60 to be well dressed.  The key to dressing well regardless of the age is to dress confidently. This is how celebrities over 60 carry themselves well.