Your beautiful day is finally scheduled, the organization of your wedding is in full swing … This big day you will be the most beautiful in your wedding dress!!! You have chosen it by following your heart; you now have to conquer the   wedding accessories that will bring the perfect finish to your outfit.

The first step is to choose your bridalnecklace, one that will come down gently around your neck and blend perfectly with your formal dress.

The choice of bridal necklace is important; it should be done taking into account the ornaments on your wedding dress, its neckline, and its volumes. It will also be essential to consider the color of your dress, your tastes and your personality. When your wedding necklace is chosen you will then be able to choose the other bridal accessories that will fit with him and your dress.

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The shape of the dress and your bustier:

Your bustier is heart-shaped or heart-wrapped:

The heart-shaped bustier makes it possible to wear many styles of necklaces and you will have very little chance to deceive you. A round necklace, a necklace of Y or V shape will be perfect.

Your cleavage is V-shaped:

A Y-shaped bridal necklace or a round necklace will be ideal.

The neckline of your dress is American:

On a dress with American neckline a light jewel is needed. The shape of the neck is to be taken into account. Fine straps will give way to a discreet bridal necklace. If, on the contrary, the neckline is very high favor other wedding accessories such as bracelet, jewel of skin or hair accessories more voluminous.

Your bustier is asymmetrical:

With an asymmetrical neckline the ideal is to wear an asymmetrical fancy wedding necklace. In order to play with this characteristic, the main ornament should be on the opposite side to the highest one, in the case of a strap or an ornament.

The volume and ornaments of your wedding dress:

It is important when choosing your wedding jewelry that the whole thing is balanced. If your wedding necklace is imposing, complete your wedding dress with discreet accessories: small earrings, a fine bracelet etc. … if instead you opt for a fine and discreet wedding necklace you can allow yourself larger earrings, a bracelet or more imposing hairdressing accessory

In case your bustier is loaded and has many ornaments, such as rhinestones, pearls, feathers, flowers, lace etc. … a discreet necklace is recommended. You can opt for a more imposing ornament in your bridal hairstyle or your wrist for example. Your wedding jewelry should not overload your princess outfit or obscure its details.

The color of your wedding dress:

White, ivory, off-white, dirty white, ecru, cream etc. … the names of the colors of wedding dress are more and more numerous. A simple method will allow you to choose the right shade between white and ivory. Lay a sheet or a white object on your wedding dress. If the color goes perfectly you can choose white. If, on the contrary, the object comes out too clear, it will be necessary to choose ivory.

If your dress contains color it will be possible on almost all of our wedding jewelry to make reminders. I am at your disposal to study your project.

Choose your jewelry in silver or gold?

It will be prettier than your bridal necklace and your other wedding accessories match the color of your wedding ring. Your habits will also have to be taken into account.

On a light ivory or white dress the silver will be privileged. The walleye will rather be reserved with a dress with ivory is supported.

A jewel back for your wedding necklace:

If you want to decorate your bridal necklace with a back jewel, do not hesitate to contact me so that I can study your request. You can also consult the models present in the shop. The back jewel is attached to the back of the wedding necklace. It is usually removable on a clasp collar and fixed on a necklace rigid wire.

And after choosing your bridal necklace?

The choice of your bridal necklace is made you can now orient yourself on the other accessories that you want to wear: bracelets, skin jewelry, hair ornaments, earrings, etc…

Still have doubts about choosing your wedding necklace? Do not hesitate to contact me.

In order to bring you my help it will be very useful to receive a photo of your wedding dress and the names of models of wedding necklaces on which your choice is.