Your beautiful and luxurious personalised wedding invitations set the tone for the social event of the year. Family members and friends will be excited to open up the envelope that reveals a hint of what they can expect when celebrating your nuptials.

To ensure that your precious wedding invites stand out from all others, it’s crucial that you select a striking design that speaks volumes. A personalised invite that is thoughtfully designed with customised details, and includes all of the vital information, will effortlessly tempt and persuade your guests to make sure that they are free to join you on your wedding day.

Our 4 helpful and practical tips will help you design the perfect invitations for your special day…

1.  Choose Your Style & Theme

The style and theme of your personalised wedding invitations is what initially grabs the attention of the lucky recipients of your invites. Ideally, the invitations should also reflect the personality, style, taste and interests of the two people who are getting married.

One of the most stylish and timeless wedding templates is the classic, luxurious and romantic all-white theme. The simple and elegant design is perfect for a wedding that is formal and traditional. The finest quality white, ivory or cream card/paper can be subtly textured or embossed. Sophisticated decoration, such as swirly calligraphy or gilded/metallic detail, is all that you need to make a bold statement.

Art Deco chic is a popular design style for weddings that flaunt a vintage vibe. Luxurious gold foil instantly upgrades a plain neutral tone invite, and transforms it into a work of art. This stylish template is also likely to feature symmetrical lines, glamorous geometric accents and lavish jet black details.

If your dream wedding is more modern in style, you have unlimited theme options to choose from – fairytale, romantic, rustic, DIY, retro, bohemian, eco-friendly, celestial, alternative, festival, tropical and whimsical, to name but a few.

2. Pick A Timeless Font

Your wedding invites need to convey a clear message. It’s therefore essential that you pick a timeless font that is easy on the eye and effortless to read. If you want your personalised invitations to stand out, it’s best to steer clear of fancy, on-trend and novelty fonts. Opt instead for a classic occasion-appropriate font that suits your style and theme.

Whilst it’s perfectly acceptable to include a variety of different font styles, less really is more. A maximum of three will help to keep your design looking clean, classy and elegant. If you do choose more than one, make sure that the fonts pair well together, to ensure that the invitation looks beautiful and appealing.

3. Consider Shape & Size

Most customised wedding invitations are traditionally designed to fit inside a standard square or rectangular size envelope. However, if you have your heart set of sending your family and friends a uniquely shaped wedding invite, you may have to consider an alternative shape.

A professional printer will use their own standard envelopes to complement your invitations.

If you’re planning to save money by sourcing your own envelopes for your wedding invitations, it’s best to choose the envelopes first before deciding on the size of the paper/card inserts. The ideal fit for your invites, is an envelope that provides a few millimetres of extra space around the edges of your invitation.

As a classic wedding invitation stationery suite features several card elements, you will need to make sure that everything fits inside your chosen envelope style and size.

Envelope stickers not only securely seal the contents of your wedding stationery suite inside the envelope, but can also provide a hint of your wedding theme.

4. Include All Of The Essential Information

No matter how carefully you have chosen your wedding invite design, and matching envelopes, if you fail to include all of the essential information on your cards, you won’t achieve the wow factor that you’re aiming for.

Your guests need to know everything about your big day, so your customised invitations must be large enough to include all of the details.

Your names take pride of place on your stylishly themed wedding invites.

Next, be clear about whom you are inviting. It’s important to specify if children are included, or if you’re extending the invite to a ‘plus one’ guest.

When adding the date of your wedding, don’t forget to include the ceremony start time too. It can be easy to overlook a little, but hugely important, detail like this, when you’re in a rush to finalise the design of your customised invites.

If your wedding ceremony and reception will be held at two different venues, include the details of both locations on the invite. If you can give your guests directions too, that’s even better! For guests that are only invited to the reception, make sure that you provide an arrival time for the evening event.

Do you need to add any additional details? If your wedding requires guests to follow a specific dress code – ie: formal, casual, fancy or themed – include this vital piece information on the invites.

Your personalised wedding invitations should be able to fit in all of the above information, and still look visually enticing. If the wording makes the design look too messy or busy, it may be worth reconsidering your preferred font and size. A minor adjustment of proportions could make a big difference to the finished result.