It is said and you also heard from your elders that, “a wedding is the joining of two families, not only two people”. This is true, but let me tell you about one thing that joins the whole guest together, at a wedding. You know about that thing, if not then let me tell you, it is a wedding cake. You can order these cakes on you like your anniversary cake with the anniversary flower bouquet. Okay, so here we are talking about the wedding, not the anniversary. Today, I am going to show you all 7 wonderful cakes that you will definitely order at your wedding. These cakes you can order online cake delivery in Bangalore from Bloomsvilla. If someone is not ready for the wedding, after seeing these cakes will make your mind to do the wedding. These cakes are just wow, and after seeing them will make anyone smile.

Bride statute cake

This cake is white in color and it is a fondant cake. But the design of this cake is just wow. You can see it is a multi-layer cake. The pearly design of this cake is just adorable. You can see the bride is a princess in this cake. So this cake will definitely make your bride super happy. This cake will be the attraction of a wedding.

Heart flowery cake

This cake is not only big in size but also unique in design. The most attractive part of this cake is the heart that is on top of the cake. After all, a wedding is a day when two hearts become one. Another attractive part of this cake it’s flowery design. If you want to make your wedding cake not so heavy, not so plain. This cake is what you are looking for for a long time.

Rose design cake

This cake looks like a white rose. This cake is just as beautiful as it is. If you want your rose should be red in color. You can tell your designer or baker to make it a red rose cake & new year cakes online. If you will see the cake from a distance. It will look like a beautiful big rose which is on the swing. It will definitely make your wedding very very special. If you want to give a big flower bouquet to the couple, who loves dessert a lot. This is the best way to give a beautiful gift. This is like two in one.

Yellow rose design cake

It is said, turmeric plays an important role in the wedding. The yellow color is very important for auspicious rituals. And at the wedding, we all know it’s the importance of this color. So this is the best cake for the wedding, I am sure you will stop yourself from ordering this cake. When you will search for the best florist in Bangalore for the wedding. Don’t forget to search for the best cake, and order this cake.

Plain and elegant cake

So many couples believe in simplicity, and they want everything should simple and beautiful in their wedding. If you also one of them, then I am sure you will love this cake. This cake is just so beautiful, and elegant. It looks so simple but it is very beautiful. The rose at its top is just wow. You will definitely go get lots of compliments for this lovely cake. And you will unable to stop yourself from this cake.

Heart shape cake

This one is also a layer cake. But you can see the beauty of this cake. I don’t need to describe why you will order this cake. The heart between the cake says everything. The copper color used in the design is so pretty. It enhances the beauty of this cake.

Couple cake

A wedding means a couple, so the cake should be also in a couple of designs. You can see the cake, don’t you think it looks like a beautiful couple that comes in the gift form. I am sure you understand which gift I am talking about. If you want to make your wedding cake small and cute. This will definitely force you to order in your wedding.