“Heels are women’s best friend” as you will always find it beside you. There are different types of heels available and only a few know the varieties of heels. As a girl, you must know what type of heel you should wear on a particular location.

There are many who are not comfortable with all kinds of heels to wear. It is because high heels are not comfortable for everyone. This is the reason why many choose to wear only low to medium heels. A woman’s personality is attached to heels because it uplifts their appearance in front of others.

Just taking care of your outfits is not enough. You must maintain a good collection of heels in your wardrobe to be ready for every occasion. Heels should be your priority whenever you go out. Moreover, you can change your look completely by wearing a perfect heel. Also, keep in mind that your heel should match your look.

Heels add a statement to your personality and you have all the different types of heels. The selection of high heels plays a fundamental role in their style tone.

Top 6 Best Popular Types of High Heels You Should Try in 2021

The importance of wearing high heels is already described above. Now let’s discuss the top 5 popular types of high heels that will hold your attention for a while,

  1. Kitten Heels:

Kitten heels are an excellent choice for you if you are uncomfortable wearing high heels. These types of heels are always lower than than the three inches and thin.

This heel is a perfect choice for girls wearing one-piece outfit and denim trousers. You can choose this heel to wear at the party, weddings, discos, night outs, etc.

Heels are a necessary accessory that you must have a perfect one to highlight yourself on every occasion.

  1. Flare Heels:

Flare heels are another type of heel heel that are popular all over the world. These heels are determined by a slimmer base that gradually widens from upwards to downwards.

This heel has gained popularity since the 70s and still, it is creating its own masterpiece and women are loving it. Flare heels are the model’s favourite piece of heels during the fashion week.

The best part about this heel is that it is very comfortable to wear throughout the day. Also, it is very attractive in appearance and available in varieties of colours so that it can match with your outfit.

  1. Decorative High Heels:

Decorative high heels are like dream heels for women. It highlights you at every event and makes you look attractive. These heels are popular during women’s fashion week and girls prioritize this heel over other heels.

On the other hand, if you are searching for a special heel for your wedding occasion then this heel is your best choice. But keep in mind that this heel is not for regular use. You can only wear these heels on special occasions.

While wearing traditional outfits such as lehenga, sarees, salwar, etc, this heel must be the first choice. It is also available in different styles to meet your satisfaction.

  1. Cone Heels 

Cone heels are popular all over the world. In the United States, these heels are widely worn by women. These heels are very thick and have a sturdy base that delivers support to your legs.

The best benefit of wearing this heel is that it is very comfortable in walking. The style of this heel is versatile and timeless. Cone heels come in various heels, shapes, and sizes.

It has a delicate tip heel that makes you look more charming. You can wear this heel on every occasion such as parties, discos, night outs, office wears, etc.

  1. Block Heels

You must be aware of block heels because it is easily available in all stores. You can even buy it from your nearest supermarket. This heel is popular because it has a stylish design.

It has a solid heel that balances your body weight easily and this heel is widely worn by every woman. This is the best professional heel that has all the features. Also, it has a more comfortable stand.

Moreover, this heel is available in various designs and colors that will attract all your attention for a while. If you are searching for an ideal heel in 2021 then block heels must be your first choice.

  1. Stilettos:

Every girl wishes to wear this heel because it is the mother of all heels. It has a classic look that every girl needs to uplift their personality in front of others. If you are searching for the best heel to wear on this valentine’s day then no other heel can match the look and design of this heel.

It comes in millions of different designs and these are usually of four to six inches. Those girls whose heights are small can wear this heel to look taller.

It has different colors that can match your outfit. This is the favourite pair of sandals of every girl who is fond of wearing stylish accessories.

The Final Thoughts

Therefore, these are the top 6 popular types of sandals that you can try in 2021. Each sandal has a unique feature and design and it is completely dependent upon you to choose the best one.

You must also try heels before purchasing and don’t buy it if you are not at all comfortable while walking. This is a special tip that you must remember!

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