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Jewellery is an essential commodity that holds high value and is a preferable mode of investment. The jewellery business is one of the most thriving industries that are most unlikely to undergo a loss. The price and value of precious stones used in jewellery shall remain in demand in the near future. Fancy shape jewellery has been serving the versatile needs of the wearer since a long time and serves a number of purposes. Some of the most popular shapes in fancy diamond jewellery have been stated below.


  • It looks classy, elegant and sparkling. It is the most favoured diamond cut that is preferred in the manufacture of jewellery.
  • Highly preferable for engagement rings, neck pieces and bracelets.
  • When it is cut well by efficient jewellery manufacturers, the brilliance and brightness of the item is highly expanded and it reflects a considerable amount of light.
  • This brilliant cut diamond has 58 facets, whose cut is divided into its crown, girdle and pavilion.
  • This is highly popular in engagement rings due to its durability and attractive appearance.


  • The princess cut in diamonds is manufactured in order to look trendy and beautiful in appearance.
  • It is either square or rectangular in shape that fits well in an engagement ring. However, the rectangular ones are lower in cost than the square ones.
  • The depth percentage ranges from 70% to 78%. The cut requires the maximum weight percentage to focus on the depths of the stone, thus forming a brilliant effect.
  • It is supported by four prongs when it is fit in jewellery like bracelets and rings in order to protect the corners.
  • Hatton gardens jewellers offer a wide variety in princess cut diamond jewellery.
Fancy Shape Jewelry


  • It serves a romantic and sophisticated look for the wearer and is often gifted by the loved ones.
  • It is an excellent blend of the round brilliant with symmetrical characteristics of the radiant cut.
  • It has larger 58 facets and is rounded at the corners. They are highly popular in both, rectangular and square shapes.
  • It reflects an impressive amount of light and its crystal appearance makes it desirable among the masses.


  • It serves a fiery and provocative look to the wearer. It is highly durable and is used in jewellery items like engagement rings due to its luster.
  • It is a blend of the brilliance of the round cut and purity of an emerald one.
  • The fiery appearance, if cut efficiently, gives the precious stone a sophisticated and gentle look.
  • The corners are cut softly and it often is treated as a culmination of the benefits offered by other fancy shapes.

In conclusion, the fancy shape jewellery in diamonds is in high demand due to the versatile benefits offered by them. Diamonds come in multiple shapes and sizes and one must choose them after analyzing the characteristics. Hatton Garden Jewellery in London, UK, has skilled craftsmen and jewellers who shall help you in choosing the right ornaments for you or your loved ones.