This is extremely important because increasing sales does not necessarily mean increasing profits. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself after a promotion:

  • Did it attract new customers or new purchases from old customers?
  • What cost for this promotion?
  • Is the return on investment (ROI) successful?
  • Which source of traffic has worked the best?

Some stores are launching promotions to increase sales without stopping on their real influence on results. Always keep in mind what your profit margin is and how far you can go.

There is an endless variety of possibilities!

The combination of strategies, combined with the characteristics of each e-commerce and each niche, make these options endless. Realize that we haven’t even touched on  influencer promotions or fundraising options. We haven’t even talked about Black Friday!

So see for yourself if there are any possibilities, lets check some benefits!

Pay only the shipping costs.

An alternative to the previous option and also very common during launches. The brand sends a product but only receives the shipping costs.

The best way is to go through a social media advertising campaign that boosts promotion. People love to share the opportunities and  deals  they find on social media.

Offer one of your products to a third party

Negotiate with promosearcher that offers your product with theirs or offers a millets discount code. For example, you will have already seen this in the supermarket when a product is offered with a gift from another brand. If your articles are complementary, combining your strengths with another brand will make you reach other audiences.

Prize draws

Each purchase in your e-commerce gives the right to participate in a raffle. Common practice is to do this for every “x” amount of money. For example, 10 € of purchase is equivalent to a participation. And if you want to gain extra virality, submit the contest on your social networks.

BOGOF ( Buy one get one free )

This is the Anglo-Saxon name for what we know in Spain as the 2X1.

This is just a reduction on the volume that can apply to more units (3 × 2, 5 × 3, etc.).

Pay attention to the shipping costs when you reach a certain volume of units, do  not offer your profit margin to the carrier.

Member get member

The famous “word of mouth” in its on-line boutique version. When a customer makes a purchase,  you reward them with a coupon if they bring you a friend who makes another purchase  (also possible if they get a potential customer to sign up on the blog). You thus capture a new customer with whom you will establish the same strategy. Consumers have seen almost everything, but they are naturally curious.

Therefore, if instead of giving them a discount,  you invite them to do something to find out what it is… there are many who will not be able to help


You can’t hand out samples of your product to your store door, but you can offer people to ask for a sample to be sent without purchasing. Obviously this comes at a cost, but see it as an advertising investment. In addition, you will have managed to capture many emails for your email marketing strategy .

Live streaming demonstrations

You have surely already stopped in a stand to see a demonstration of a device … and it is true that demonstrations in physical stores, it works. So why not transpose them to the online world? The  Live streaming  is appearing live on social networks (eg Facebook, this is called Live Facebook). Do not be afraid of the camera, write the article about the various benefits and uses of your products and offer a reduction to your viewers. You will surely sell a product from your new collection at the same time. In clothes or design items, you can work on collections , which do not necessarily have to coincide with the seasons.