Potassium broth–it doesn’t exactly sound very appetizing, does it?

This is especially true when you’re battling the last leg of your juice cleanse. With this broth at the finish line, it becomes more tempting to simply back off from the race.

But before you do that, know that they are a myriad of benefits that you can get by finishing your juice fast with potassium broth. Not only is it easy to make these Potassium broths, but it is loaded with vitamins and minerals too.

So what exactly are the benefits of potassium broth? We’ve listed 6 reasons why you need this to cap off your juice cleanse.

1. It contains all the vitamins and minerals you need–perfect for your needs after fasting

Think of it this way–after a cleanse, your body is basically a clean slate. You can choose to start clean by eating healthy, or you can go back to your old habits thereby disregarding the efforts you put in the past days. A potassium broth will help you slowly ease your way back into solid food without breaking your healthy streak.

2. Potassium broth will help you fight bloating

Even after your juice cleanses, your body might still fight to retain all the fluid that you have gained from eating salty food. With a potassium broth, you can encourage your body to eliminate the excess salt and flush out the fluid that causes bloating.

3. Potassium broth will help soothe inflammation

Inflammation can cause bloating–this is a little known fact in the health community. But you see, inflammation forces your body to retain fluid. So what’s one way to flush out pounds of fluid in your body caused by inflammation? You guessed it–potassium broth.

4. Potassium broth will lower your chances of diabetes

When done incorrectly, juice fasting will get rid of the fiber in your fruit and vegetables, leaving you with only free sugars. Aside from making sure that you prepare your juice properly with the right juicing equipment for a healthier fast, you should also drink potassium broth to regulate your blood sugar and insulin.

5. Potassium broth will prevent the development of kidney stones

Potassium is known to prevent calcium from developing in your kidneys. With potassium broths, you can significantly lower your chances of developing kidney stones.

6. Potassium broth will regulate your blood pressure

Constricted blood vessels are the number one cause of low blood pressure that is often associated with juice cleanses. To regulate your blood pressure, it is recommended that you increase the intake of potassium. This helps regulate blood pressure and decreases the possibility of a stroke by 24%.

End Your Fasting Strong with Potassium Broth

We often do juice cleanses to kick-off healthier dietary habits. After your juice cleanses, just think of your body as a clean slate that you should nurture with proper nutrition. Potassium broth is one such recipe that you can consume to help kickstart your new healthy lifestyle. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, it is the perfect way to flush out your body and reap all the benefits of your fasting.