Are you experiencing a spinning sensation? Or the objects around you seem to be in motion? If yes you might be suffering from Vertigo. It is a common condition faced by a majority of people irrespective of age or gender once in a lifetime.

When you experience a spinning sensation, where you seem to spin around or the nearby surroundings seem to revolve it is referred to as Vertigo. You may experience a loss of balance or feel dizzy when sudden bouts of vertigo attacks. The majority of people often confuse vertigo with a disease, it’s not a disease itself but a symptom of various underlying ailments.

Symptoms of vertigo last for few minutes to hours depending on the severity of the condition.

In some severe cases, vertigo symptoms may take up to a few months to escalate completely.

Vertigo symptoms vary from person to person, some may find relief with vertigo home remedies while some need clinical vertigo treatment like vestibular rehabilitation therapy to alleviate vertigo symptoms.

Repeated episodes of vertigo spells make it impossible to live with it while cause hindrance in accomplishing daily chores. If you are experiencing mild vertigo conditions, vertigo home remedies for treatment are the best alternative that eases your condition.

Inflammation or disorder in the ear, head injury, vestibular neuritis, vestibular migraines, BPPV, etc. are some of the most common causes of vertigo.

BPPV is the most common cause found in the majority of patients who are experiencing sudden bouts of vertigo conditions. It is caused due to calcium deposition in the inner ear which makes you lose balance, as signals are not sent to the brain from the inner ear which is responsible for regulating body balance.

Certain therapies like Vestibular rehabilitation therapy and some vertigo home remedies are enough to treat mild vertigo conditions. It helps in reducing the intensity of recurring vertigo episodes.

If the condition doesn’t seem to ease with certain vertigo home remedies, it is advised to seek medical help. An expert neurologist will help you by diagnosing the underlying cause of vertigo. He/she may seek your complete medical history and ask you to undergo various tests to fully examine your condition. He will prescribe you with right vertigo medications, vertigo exercises and suggest right vertigo treatment depending on the underlying cause.

There are several ways to treat vertigo symptoms naturally. Vertigo home remedies help in alleviating vertigo to a greater extent.

Here are some home remedies for treating vertigo conditions

1. Drink ginger tea regularly

Ginger has many benefits and it’s a known fact to a majority of the population. Ginger is an effective ingredient in treating recurring bouts of vertigo. It has curative properties that make it an essential ingredient in treating various health conditions. Ginger is easily found in every household without much effort. Drinking ginger tea twice a day is counted as one of the effective vertigo home remedies. Ginger roots prove to be effective natural vertigo treatment. Take a pan and boil ginger roots in hot water for a few minutes and let it sit for a few minutes. It helps in easing out nausea, dizziness & vertigo naturally. Ginger roots are counted more effective than certain vertigo exercises for treating vertigo spells.

2. Include almonds in the daily diet

Almonds are good for health and its benefits are known to all. Regular intake of almonds keeps one fit and healthy and keeps various health issues at the array. Almonds are a rich source of vitamin A, B & E which is quite effective in treating vertigo conditions. Eating a handful of almonds daily or grinding it with milk and gulping it is counted as an effective vertigo treatment. It helps in easing out vertigo symptoms naturally.

3. Ginkgo Biloba is an effective vertigo treatment

A Chinese herb known as Ginkgo Biloba is a natural supplement for treating bouts of vertigo spells. It is easily available in the market in both liquid and capsule formation. It is equally effective in treating vertigo conditions the same as any prescribed vertigo medicine. It helps in getting your balance back by managing the blood flow to the brain. Taking 240 milligrams of Ginkgo Biloba daily is counted as effective vertigo treatment. It helps in easing out vertigo symptoms much faster.

4. Apple cider vinegar and honey

Taking two spoons of honey and one spoon of apple cider vinegar helps in preventing and easing out vertigo symptoms. It is counted as one of the best vertigo home remedies that help in curing vertigo conditions with its curative properties. It helps in relieving the blood flow to the brain that is responsible for the body to function properly.

5. Add Vitamin D to your daily meals

If you are suffering from BPPV vertigo, which is the most common cause of vertigo diagnosed in patients, a lack of vitamin D may trigger the condition even more. An insufficient amount of vitamin D in the body triggers the symptoms of vertigo and makes it worse. Repeated episodes of vertigo become common in the patient. A diet that is rich in vitamin D should be included in meals. It helps in easing out the bouts of vertigo naturally. Making changes in your dietary chart helps in curing vertigo. Adding vitamin D in your diet is considered as one of the most effective vertigo home remedies. Egg yolk, orange juice, milk, fresh meats are some of the rich sources of Vitamin D. Including one or more ingredients in your daily diet helps in treating vertigo.

6. Practice various exercises to treat vertigo

Various exercises help in treating vertigo condition naturally at home. Repositioning maneuvers are counted as an effective vertigo treatment that can be practiced regularly at home. Repositioning maneuvers include movements of the head and the body. It is advised to seek expert guidance for correct postures and diagnosis of the condition before starting on self. Regular practice of repositioning maneuvers for up to 3 weeks helps in alleviating vertigo symptoms completely. Epley maneuver, Brandt-Daroff exercise, Semont maneuver, etc. are some of the exercises for treating vertigo at home.

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