Do’s and Don’ts of Feathered Eyebrows:

DO ensure that you go to a qualified, permanent makeup artist that has been certified by a school or agency. Most qualified Permanent Makeup Artists have certificates on the wall or on display at the clients request that show their experience and training. Most artists have several certificates from different training sessions they have attended.

DON’T buy cheap vouchers from online dealsites. Buy cheap, get cheap. You may save a bundle of money buying an online voucher today; however, you may pay a lot more later to have someone else fix the problems caused by that cheap voucher. Permanent makeup artists take pride in their work and usually will not lower their standards to publicize their services on cheap deal sites. An artist that has a sale or promo is much different than 50-70% using a dealsite.

DO ensure that you view the premises or office of the permanent makeup artist. You may want to pass by and visit the office of the artist that you are thinking of doing your treatment to ensure that it is a clean and safe location and not in an alley or back of run down building. If the artist and the office is kept tidy and clean, most likely the artist keeps their utensils, equipment sanitized and has high hygiene standards.

DON’T settle. If you have a bad feeling about the office, or the permanent makeup artist, than leave. You must be comfortable in the office and with the person that is about to use a blade or sharp needle to instill permanent pigment into your skin. If you are not comfortable, or have a bad feeling, than it is your right to stand up and leave. Most clients feel comfortable with the artist after their consultation, and some want to have the treatment right after the consultation because they feel comfortable and trust the artist. If you do not have that feeling, than either you are not ready for permanent makeup or you do not trust your artist. It is better to get a second opinion than to settle on one artist.

DO get a consultation with the permanent makeup artist first. We cannot stress this enough. It is imperative that you get a consultation with the artist first in order to determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment, but also it gives you a chance to ask a variety of questions that you may have. How the artist answers those questions usually builds trust and confidence between the client and the artist. Again, if you are not comfortable with the answers you received, than shop around. Most permanent makeup artist give a free 15 min consultation to answer any questions you may have, however, to color match and shape the brows, there is usually a $50 charge or a minimal deposit on the treatment.

DON’T allow the artist to dictate what your brows should look like. This is your face and your eyebrows that you will have to live with for the rest of your life (or for long period of time anyway, because the brows do fade over time). Most permanent makeup artists understand the way the shape of the eyebrows should look based on the shape of your face, however, the artist will usually suggest the shape and even draw it in before any application is considered. Make sure you are happy with the shape and color of the brows you have chosen before any application.

DO see before and after photos of the permanent makeup artist. Most, if not all, permanent makeup artists have before and after pictures on their websites, Facebook page, on their phone, printed in an album, etc. Be very weary of artists that do not have any pictures, or if the pictures look generic. Some artists don’t post before and after pictures on their websites or have generic pictures because of privacy concerns for their clients who do not want to be identified, however, they will surely have lots of pictures to show in a printed album or on their phone.

DON’T PANIC. Those new to permanent makeup and who have just had a procedure completed will sometimes panic at the shape and color of the brows. Even though the artist explains the protocols and procedure, before the treatment, during the treatment and after the treatment, there are always those clients that need to be reassured over and over again. Most calls that come in after the treatment are that the shape is too thick and the color is too dark. Please remember to look at your aftercare sheets which address these concerns. The shape of the eyebrows is always thicker than they appear after the treatment and shrink up to 50% during the first 4 weeks. The color of the eyebrows always appear sharp, dark and more drastic after the procedure because the pigment is fresh and is stuck in the epidermis layer of the skin, this will shed off over the next 4 weeks and the color of the brows will diminish by 50%, leaving a more natural looking color that was agreed upon.

DO understand that this is a process. Clients do need to understand that this procedure is a process. Your first treatment will have drastic results, and you will have a new look that you do need to get used to. The appearance of the eyebrows will look darker and thicker than agreed upon; however, they will fade and shrink in the coming weeks. A touch up may be required, and usually is, in order to correct any shape or color issues. It is important to understand that your eyebrows may not be absolutely perfect after the first try, and that touch ups may be necessary, and yearly (1-2 years on average) color and shape touch ups may be required. Permanent eyebrows are permanent in that some pigment is left in the dermal layers of the skin permanently, however, the shape and color will fade over time because of age, medications, sun, etc.

DON’T be unrealistic. Often time’s clients will come in with pictures of eyebrows that they want. It is important to understand that the look and shape of the eyebrows need to match the shape of YOUR face, not someone else’s. Your permanent makeup artist should and will work with you to determine the look and shape of your brows that will compliment your face, and try to give you the look of a star… but remember that you are the star of this show, and you need to ensure you have the brows to match.

Newton Gloria is Managing Director and Story Teller at  Beautiful Brow Boutique. She has studied about Beauty Salon for years. She enjoys connecting with people, keeping updated with latest in the field of Beauty and Business etc.  She has also discovered great shortcuts that can help investors make better decisions when it comes to buying and selling. Her work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses narratives of human experience.