Acne, blackheads, beard pimples, cysts, … are the most common and easily acquired acne. However, they are both easily recognized and treated. Meanwhile, there is a type of acne that is stubborn and difficult to completely treat, although it does not cause swelling, pain, and aesthetics. So what is hidden acne, what causes this condition for the skin?

1. What is hidden acne on the skin?

Hidden pimples are pimples with acne located deep inside the hair follicle, not causing inflammation, swelling or soreness. Its outward manifestation is just tiny nodules and grows in clusters. It is very difficult to detect this type of acne with the naked eye, only when touching the face of the face can feel their existence clearly.

The surface of your skin will become rough, not smooth with hidden pimples. They usually appear in places prone to environmental influences such as the skin on the cheeks, forehead, and under the chin. In addition, improper care also causes the skin to accumulate sebum, dirt, and cause acne.

Although not as dangerous as cystic acne, beard acne, … but if not handled in time, under the impact of the external environment or stress, hormones, living habits …, there are hidden acne. Inflammation and redness of acne and scarring are inevitable.

2. What causes hidden acne

Some of the main causes of this condition in the skin can be mentioned as:

Poor clean skin hygiene

In skin care regimen, cleansing is considered the most basic and important step. If you do not clean at this step, the following steps are considered useless and can inadvertently create conditions to help dirt, bacteria penetrate deep into the skin, increasing the risk of acne.

Many people think that, just use your hands to rub your face vigorously and wash your face. However, this is the wrong way to wash your face, which will make your skin more sensitive and vulnerable.

Hidden pimples will grow and quickly spread to another area if the skin is not cleaned and let this persist.

Too overused on cosmetics

If you still have acne despite taking good care of your skin, the first reason you should think about may be due to the amount of cosmetics you are using.

This regular makeup done when not properly removed is very easy to clog pores. In addition, the use of cosmetics of unknown origin, buying fake and poor quality products will also make the skin worse and acne will be difficult to treat completely. Along with that, the use of makeup brushes, sponge, powder, … without cleaning is also the reason why bacteria are easy to attack and cause acne hidden under the skin.

Unhealthy living habits

Eating too much greasy, spicy foods, staying up late, sleeping late, stress, … these good habits are the main reasons for acne.

In addition, the facial skin is a sensitive part, the habit of using your hands to touch your face is also the reason why hidden acne cannot be completely treated and is getting worse. Every day, the hands are the parts in contact with many things. So that’s where bacteria are most concentrated. When you put your hands on your face, you give bacteria and dirt a chance to enter your skin.

Therefore, it is essential to keep your hands clean before entering the skin care process. Get rid of the habit of touching your face with your hands to protect your skin from acne types.

Acne is hidden under the skin due to hormones inside the body

Besides external factors such as dirt, cosmetics, bacteria, …, the cause of hidden acne is the imbalance of hormones inside the body. During puberty, menstruation or during pregnancy will cause the hormones inside the body to change abnormally. When that happens, the sebaceous glands will produce more oil, along with dirt and dead skin will clog pores causing acne.

People with oily or sensitive skin are prone to irritation. Therefore, the risk of acne is also higher, especially the forehead and the two hidden pimples will often be much. In addition, the body cannot remove toxins from the body due to liver related diseases. At that time, the reading factor will be released through the skin to create the opportunity for acne to develop.

3. Measures to prevent hidden acne

To prevent and support the most complete acne treatment, you need to pay attention to the following:

Healthy diet and activities

  • Limit the consumption of hot spicy dishes, containing a lot of oil, lots of sugar, …

  • Eat more foods containing vitamins, Omega 3 , Omega 6, … such as broccoli, carrots, fatty fish like salmon, herring, … to ensure your skin is always healthy and firm .

  • Limit staying up late.

  • Do not use too many stimulants and caffeine such as beer, alcohol, coffee, …

  • Do not touch and squeeze pimples hidden under the skin.

Always hydrate, provide sufficient water for the skin

The hydration and hydration will help the skin improve elasticity, remove impurities on the skin and control the amount of oil better, making the skin smoother. In addition, drink 1.6 – 2 liters of water per day and combine skin-healthy fruit juices such as orange juice, carrot juice, pomegranate juice, … to protect the skin right from the inside. .

Limit makeup and don’t go to bed without makeup removal

Makeup remover is an important first step when you get home and before bed. Makeup remover will help skin breathe and rest, cleanse the skin, remove dirt, bacteria that cause acne.

Also, if you have acne, not makeup is protecting your skin. Makeup will make acne worse because cosmetics will make pores more clogged. If make-up is required, choose oil-free cosmetics and remove makeup immediately.

Although it does not cause inflammation like other types of acne, but hidden acne is always the “difficult” type to treat. Therefore, proper skin care is the most important measure to prevent and avoid spreading and developing acne. Wish you have healthy and smooth skin.