Hidden acne is a type of acne under the skin, very difficult to recognize because it causes less swelling and inflammation. Therefore, it is also quite difficult to treat hidden acne. On the other hand, improper treatment can have negative consequences for the skin. Today’s article of NDA will guide you the safest and most effective way to treat hidden acne at home. Please refer together.

1. What causes hidden acne?

Hidden acne is one of the types of acne that has quite serious consequences for the skin. This type of acne does not grow on the surface but is only present in the epidermis, does not reveal the nucleus and does not cause any local swelling or inflammation. That is why it is difficult to detect in the first place. Sometimes, hidden acne grows in large, dense clumps, making the skin rough and lifeless.

Reason hidden acne:

There are many causes of this condition. In which, some of the main factors can be summarized as follows:

  • Endocrine disorders: Endocrine disorders, hormone imbalances in the body easily lead to acne in general.

  • Improper skin care: washing your face is not clean, not periodically exfoliating, causing blocked pores; using cosmetics that are not suitable for the facial skin, improper skin hygiene, … are the reasons that easily cause hidden acne.

  • Unprotected skin: When exposed to the sun, the skin is highly susceptible to damage and facilitates the formation of blemishes. Not shielding, applying sunscreen when going out in the sun can cause hidden pimples, blemishes, blemishes on the skin.

  • Inappropriate nutrition: Spicy and hot foods adversely affect the liver, limit detoxification, and cause heat in the body, leading to acne breakouts.

  • Habits of unscientific life: Constantly staying up late, touching dirty hands on face, …

Identification mark:

So how to recognize hidden acne? Here are the signs of hidden acne:

  • The skin is not inflamed and is rough to the touch.

  • Faint pimples on the skin, no head, usually smaller in size than cystic acne.

  • Acne usually grows in clumps like a rash, rarely seen as an individual.

Recognizing and early detection of hidden acne is an important step for the best treatment of acne. If hidden acne develops for a long time under the skin, it will make the skin rough, lack of vitality, making the skin age faster, and it is easy to leave a bruise that is difficult to treat later.

2. Principles to grasp to treat hidden acne effectively

In order to prevent hidden acne “attack” the face as well as effectively treat hidden acne, you need to follow the principles below.

#first. Clean facial skin properly

Facial hygiene is a basic skin care step, and also a simple way to treat hidden acne. most effective. This process will help remove sebum, dirt on the skin, help unclog pores, prevent bacteria from colonizing and invading acne. You can clean your face with cool water combined with cleanser. Attention should choose a cleanser that is suitable for your skin, to avoid irritation.

Makeup remover is just as important as facial hygiene. You can use makeup removers to help remove cosmetics, dust from the skin.

Simple skin cleansing cannot completely remove dead cells on and off the skin. So you need to exfoliate regularly 2-3 times / week to help open pores, prevent acne, help skin clear and easily absorb nutrients when using acne products.

# 2 Protect your skin

The UV rays present in the sun are the top enemy for the skin. It makes the skin damaged, darkened and easy to form hidden pimples. So you need to use sunscreen and protect your skin when you have to work in hot weather.

# 3 Moisturize the skin

Skin, when supplied with moisture, becomes smooth, promotes metabolism and eliminates acne under the skin. Hydrate the skin by drinking lots of water or using mineral sprays, moisturizers, …

3. Synthesize 8 effective hidden acne treatments at home, everyone should know

Treatment of hidden acne needs to be persistent for a long time and adhere to the principles of treatment, using products as directed by experts. You can find many hidden acne products on health and beauty websites, or through consultation with your doctor. Below, NDA would like to introduce some of the most effective home remedies for hidden acne.

Option 1: Treat hidden acne at home with lemon

Lemons contain a lot of citric acid, vitamin C and many other nutrients. Lemon is considered to be an excellent but inexpensive ingredient in acne treatment, darkening and skin care.

Effective ways to treat hidden acne effectively at home with lemon are as follows: Each time you use ½ fresh lemon, squeeze the juice and apply evenly on your face, massage for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Perform regularly 2 times / week will see the hidden acne is improved significantly.

Method 2: Use honey

Honey is a raw material that contains a lot of good nutrients for the skin, including vitamins and peroxides, that help prevent aging and effectively treat acne. To treat hidden acne with honey, you can use pure honey or mix with turmeric and apply evenly on your face, massage evenly for 15 – 20 minutes, then rinse with water. Perform 2-3 times / week will see the amount of hidden acne decreased significantly.

Method 3: Treat hidden acne at home with aloe vera

Aloe vera is a cool ingredient, and contains many vitamins and nutrients that are good for the skin. Thus, aloe vera is the perfect choice for acne treatment and skin care inside and out. You just need to filter out the gel in the aloe vera leaves and apply evenly on your face, leave for 15-20 minutes then rinse with water. Note to remove the shell, only take the transparent gel because there is an irritant, itchy skin in the shell.