You may get healthier, more radiant skin with a simple skincare programme. Taking care of your skin with Dr Hauschka is a kind of self-care since it is an organ you have with you for the remainder of your life. The skin is an organ, and this fact should not be forgotten. As such, it serves as an essential first line of protection against environmental hazards such as pollution, UV radiation, and more.

For this reason, skin care is a form of self-care. It’s also a form of medical care.

You send yourself the message that you are attractive on the inside and out when you take the time to care for your face and body. You convince yourself that you’re valuable enough to warrant a few minutes of your time each morning and night for a beauty routine. Here are eight good reasons to do a daily skin check and provide TLC to your body.

You receive a clear slate on which to build.

Cleansing your face is the first step in a good regimen (use a gentle, all-natural cleanser or toner). To prevent pores from being clogged with dirt and oil, it is best to wash your face twice daily, once in the morning and once before bed. The nighttime wash also gets rid of potentially damaging environmental contaminants and poisons. When you leave work, you should wash your face twice: once to get rid of the day’s makeup and dirt, and once to clean your face.

Well-hydrated Skin looks younger.

Hydration is the key to beautiful, healthy skin. Skin that is adequately hydrated is not only more beautiful and more comfortable but also healthier. The more robust your skin’s cellular structure, the more slowly you age. And it is the shared desire of all everyone to stop time. Self-moisturising mechanisms exist for your skin, but it still loses moisture as you go about your day. To this list, you may add the effects of the environment, age, and other variables, all of which make it more difficult for the skin to retain water. By using quality skin care products, moisture is retained both within the skin and on its surface. Formulations’ oxygen microbubbles seal moisture to keep skin supple all day and night.

Make use of oxygen’s curative properties.

Skin cells, like all other cells in your body, require oxygen. Water consumption aids skin hydration and may enhance circulation (yet another reason for that morning glass of water). Furthermore, DRhauschka products employ oxygen microbubbles to bring oxygen from the outside to your skin cells. This results in healthier cells and enhanced metabolic processes.

Rejuvenated tissues, thanks to increased oxygen flow, resulting in a radiant, youthful appearance of the skin. Better tone, lustre, and smoothness are a result of this.

Improve your skin’s tone, for starters.

Pollution makes you seem older. Discolouration and a lack of uniform texture can result from dryness, pollution, and the sun’s rays. The colour and smoothness of your skin will change as a result. This gradual process occurs daily, so you must keep yourself hydrated and perform routine maintenance. If your skin is in good condition already, you can keep it that way with regular upkeep. Regular care helps restore your skin’s supple properties if you’ve noticed a change in its tone or texture.

Revitalise lifeless skin.

Dead, dry skin looks drab. The body’s metabolic rate decreases with ageing. A decrease in cellular metabolism leads to less radiant skin. But remember that time is on your side, too: Keep your skin looking radiant with just three minutes of moisturising twice a day. Formulations from famous brands are made using oxygen microbubble technology, making this more productive and efficient. This innovation expedites the metabolic rate of epidermal cells by transporting oxygen directly to their sites of demand. Newer, healthier skin cells and radiant skin result from a metabolism working at peak efficiency.