Marijuana utilization has been sanctioned in numerous places in the world. Many individuals smoke pot all the time, and there is a decent possibility that you would have ‘explored’ what might happen if you combine weed and bodybuilding? If this is your doubt, then you have landed on the right spot. Before examining what happens, one work’s out after smoking pot lets first discuss the fundamentals of Marijuana. It is composed of tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise called THC. THC influences the functioning of the Endocannabinoid System in our body. Our body itself produces THC-like substances known as endocannabinoids.THC binds with cannabinoid receptors in mind and causes a feeling of high, creativity, relaxation, etc. Even bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen smoking Marijuana after winning the 1975 Olympia title. After seeing him smoking off stage, many bodybuilders tried to put their hands on weed. The association among bodybuilding & canada Marijuana is still in somewhat of a hazy area. How about we investigate what we do know.

What is Marijuana?

People know Marijuana by various names like Cheeba, pot, weed, Mary Jane, etc. On an essential level, weed is comprised of the flowers from a cannabis plant & dried leaves. It develops naturally; however, one can also cultivate it in controlled indoor environments. Weed contains tetrahydrocannabinol, also called THC, which is psychoactive. It means it can have mind-altering effects.

In any case, not all Marijuana is equivalent, and its impacts can change depending on variables, for example, THC potency, ingestion method.

How is Marijuana Used? 

Some of the most common methods to use Marijuana are:


The most common way of ingesting Marijuana is through smoking. One can smoke Marijuana by various means like through a bong, pipe, joint, or in a cigar, which is known as blunt.


This method is identical to smoking. The only difference is no smoke, but vapes. There are numerous electric devices present on the market that pull THC extracts and create a vapor that can be inhaled. 


Due to favorable chemical composition, Marijuana can be infused with a variety of food and beverages. One can mix marijuana seeds in cookies, brownies, candies, and even brew it down in tea.

Marijuana as a Testosterone Booster: 

When it comes to muscle building, the most talked-about substances are testosterone and human growth hormones. A couple of moments of research on the web, and one might find several misleading articles containing incorrect information about how Marijuana lessens there testosterone count. Concerning the impact of Marijuana on testosterone levels in a recent report directed by the NIH, serum testosterone levels of 1577 men in the United States aged between 18 to 29 were accessed. Truth be told, “serum testosterone levels were significantly higher in men who used marijuana recently”. More testosterone implies more anabolic muscle production, so one can benefit from Marijuana to recharge their testosterone levels after a heavy workout.

Marijuana to pack on calories:

One of the most profound side effects associated with Marijuana is enhanced appetite. In the bodybuilding world, diet plays a crucial role. A high-calorie diet can help one pack on more muscle in less time. Marijuana is a holy grail for “hard gainers” as it stimulates diet and cravings.THC present in cannabis triggers the brain’s CB1 receptors making us feel hungry for calories. But those aspiring to build an impressive physique should stick to low calorie, high volume food like eggs, carrots, etc. rather than cakes, cereals to bulk up. For bulking up even at a faster rate, one can combine Marijuana with supplements like dbol that increases muscle protein synthesis and builds muscle at a rapid pace.

Marijuana to aid Sleep:

The most vital part of the Muscle building is recovery. An average bodybuilder needs around 9 hours of sleep to recover from their weight training session. But those who work out later in the day, experience sleep disturbances. To cure this, one can smoke marijuana before sleeping.

According to studies, those who ingest marijuana strains containing high levels of THC reduces REM sleep. A reduced REM sleep means less vivid dreams, hence quality Sleep. People also advocate that ingesting Marijuana makes them fall asleep faster.

Marijuana for Post Workout Recovery:

To get ready for the next workout session, a bodybuilder should recover from the previous one. Any hindrances in muscle recovery could lead to serious trouble for a bodybuilder. To cure various inflammation, pain, muscle cramps, one can take Marijuana. The CBD present in Marijuana possesses multiple anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming CBD rich strains post-workout helps to make your DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) less unpleasant. It means one can get back to the gym faster and fully recovered. 

Marijuana for Mental Focus:

You may have heard about Marijuana’s mysterious advantages like reducing DOMS, anti-inflammatory, etc. But, what if we tell you that Marijuana enhances your mental focus? Yes, you heard it right, as per reports the CBD present in various marijuana strains can assist you with additional focus on days when you don’t feel like working out. Many lifters advocate that it encourages them to do that one extra rep in the gym. Some bodybuilders on a cutting season believe that Marijuana makes cardio more enjoyable.


As per current research and evidence shown through this article, what can take away is that when it comes to bodybuilding, Marijuana does not hinder your gains. For some, it might even help to pack on an impressive physique. Still, some research is in progress, but till then, it’s safe to consume medical marijuana for recreational and therapeutic purposes.

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