Tossing and turning is a real issue for many. Before labeling it insomnia, there are some reasons why you can’t fall asleep that need addressing.

Too much caffeine

If you take coffee and energy drinks throughout the day, then this is perhaps the number one reason why you can’t fall asleep at night. It takes the body an average of eight hours or more depending on the caffeine content to rid itself of the caffeine in the body. Therefore it is advisable that you have your last cup in the morning or stick to decaf options if you want to take one after lunch.

You napped in the late afternoon

A power name is best had during the day, such as during your lunch break where you recharge your body ready for the next half of the workday. Equally, don’t make them too long; 30 minutes is enough. When you sleep for more than an hour, then you’ll enter into deep sleep and leave you tired for the remaining afternoon. Come night time; you won’t be able to fall asleep at night. No matter how sleepy you are in the daytime, remain active, and save that sleep for night time.

You don’t unwind before bedtime

Before bedtime, there ought to be a period where you slow things down so that you let your body know that you’re indeed about to go to bed. However, if you’re typing a report in bed and you put it down, it will take you longer to fall asleep because you’ll have attention residue from the work you’re from doing. Whether it is work or even chores ensure that you leave enough time, about an hour, to do leisurely activities that relax both the body and the mind. Do something lovely like chewing on edible cbd gummies or taking a long bath.

Your hormones are wreaking havoc

A perfect example is during pregnancy. Be it the endless trips to the washroom or in some people feeling excessively hot or during the third trimester when discomfort grows. Pregnant women do have a hard time falling asleep. In the same way during one’s reproductive cycle, you’ll find that body changes are also causing lack of sleep, for example, some women find it hard to fall asleep during menstruation because of cramps and other aches and pains.


If you’ve been awake thinking about your life and unhappiness is the theme, then you could be in a phase of depression. What ends up happening is instead of sleeping at night, your mind is running scripts and then during the day when you need to be active, you are tired and sleepy. If you find that you cannot say asleep the entire night, then you ought to see a therapist or use other routes to problems solve the root of your depression. Ideally, you do that instead of the short-term solution of sleeping pills or cannabinoid oil.