With the ongoing pandemic, people have resorted to inactive living and working remotely to avoid going outside. However, an inactive lifestyle will lead to sluggishness, which can also result in body aches at some point. 

Sluggishness, inappropriate posture, and even excessive or wrong form of exercises can result in muscle pain, stiff shoulder, hip ache, sore body, muscle strain, and more. 

This may not be that serious, but it is undoubtedly uncomfortable. When this happens, you may want to take murivenna oil as a known treatment for such discomfort. People would usually pop some painkillers or anti-inflammatory medicine when this happens. 

However, there are safer and natural forms of medication to heal these aches on your body. And using this type of treatment is much preferred these days since it is free from harmful ingredients, leading to potential side effects to your body. 

The Ayurveda is recognized for centuries as an alternative form of medication that gives you Murivenna Thailam, a mixture of juices of herbs and a sticky substance that provides maximum relief from aches, soreness, and other inflammatory problems.

The Origin

The murivenna oil is an ayurvedic liquid that can treat soreness and is famous for its anti-inflammatory capabilities. It is the go-to medication for body illnesses like sprains, arthritis, muscle cramps, fractures, dislocation, and other body injuries. Murivenna came from the Malayalam terms Muri as wound and Enna as oil. Hence, it is a healing oil for wounds.

This fascinating mixture is not only the best treatment for skin issues, wounds, cuts, and ulcers but can give strength to the ligaments, muscles, joints, and bones. It is an effective treatment for stubborn ulcers, edema, diabetic foot ulcers, and common medication for pain and inflammation. It can also bring back the person’s mobility to his joints. 

Furthermore, its antifungal and antimicrobial abilities can help medicate candida, ringworm, nail fungus, and thrush. The murivenna oil is a strong analgesic liquid used for aches in shoulder dislocation, backaches, tennis elbow, after-surgery aches, slip discs, tendons, sports injuries, and spondylitis pain and stiffness.

The Ingredients And Their Benefits


The paan has potent antiseptic abilities due to the betel leaves that are filled with polyphenols, particularly chavicol, which acts as germ protection. It is also an effective inflammatory treatment for orchitis and arthritis.


A shigru is another natural ingredient of murivenna oil, an anti-inflammatory medication used on aches and swelling due to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Aloe vera

Bioactive constituents found on aloe vera have potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory components, one of the powerful ingredients of murivenna oil. It can be used as topical or oral application as the gel or liquid is excellent in treating arthritis pain.


The Karanji aids in regulating the pain in bone and joints, and when you apply it to the areas, it relieves the aches, so it is the ideal medication for psoriatic arthritis.


The murivenna oil has the bioactive ingredient quercetin, a component of onions recognized as inflammatory treatment. Such an ingredient acts as the protection from the aches and swelling due to the joint and body pains and arthritis.

Aromatic herbs

The oil also has an aromatic herb, which significantly helps in medicating injuries, muscle aches, and fractures. On the other hand, another analgesic and anti-inflammatory component is known as Shatavari. It can minimize various types of ulcers and treat wounds. The medicine also aids in the tissue generation process and soothes the skin when having burns.


The fermented rice water, or termed as Kanjika, is the murivenna oil ingredient that contains the most health benefits. Aside from medicating skin issues, constipation, stomach issues, and dehydration, it also eliminates toxins from the joints. Hence, it can be used as a pain reliever caused by arthritis and other common inflammatory illnesses.

Coconut oil

The typical coconut oil, which has many benefits, is found in the list of murivenna oil and has been recognized since the early times as the ideal treatment for health issues. It is a highly accepted, strong medication for pain, muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, and it also relieves skin burns, ulcers, and wounds.

Skin benefits

As a known skin medication, its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial components found in the murivenna oil all help in the blood purifying process. It gets rid of toxins found in the blood, which is an excellent treatment for skin problems. The use of murivenna oil is beneficial in conditions like eczema, pimples, acne, psoriasis, scabies, etc. It is one of the natural medications that will relieve you of your pains.