Located between the skull and the coccyx is a strong but flexible bone which shoulders the weight of the upper body – the Spine. The spine or spinal column, or backbone or vertebral column which is consist of 33 interlocked bones which are divided by soft bones and supported by ligament and muscles.

They are responsible for human posture and flexibility in the body.

Bending, twisting, turning and directional movement of the body is due to the flexibility of the spinal column, indicating that without the flexibility of the spinal cord, human’s movement would have been a similitude of robot’s.

Highlighting the relevance of the spinal column, one will never but mentions the protection, which it gives to the spinal cord responsible for connecting the brain and the nerve system, making communication of the brain and body possible. These make the spinal column one of the most important bones in the body.

In this wise, the spine needs to be taken care of, here are ways to take care of your spine:

1. Stop Smoking

When Health & Spine Medical Center advises spine patient to give up smoking, they hardly understand the relevance. It is worth noting that spine health has a lot to do with smoking.

The side effect of smoking is that which decreases the oxygen levels in the body results in continuous bone pain. Note that the muscles and bones require oxygen rich blood to function properly. However, a slight replacement of oxygen with toxin results in severe body pain.

2. Sleep At The Right Place

The positions with which you sleep have effect on your body. Align your neck, back and head while on bed, and use adequate pillow as support. Sleeping in a poor place where you will not be able to align your body has negative effect on your body.

3. Stand And Sit Appropriately

The way you stand and sit have effect on your body spine. When you stand, allow your feet to part a bit. And when you sit, make sure your back rests on the chair. This gives lasting relaxation, and does not affect the body in anyway.

Evident of the above, any form of distress or deformation of the spine will lead to severe pain or disability. Spinal discomfort or disorder ranging from SpondylolisthesisSpinal stenosiscoccydyniaand Spinal cord injury may be experienced in the body due to injury, infection or tumor.

When these occur, the patient is likely to suffer severe pain, weakness of the leg muscles, or disability. When symptoms of spinal disorders or discomfort are noticed, one is advised to visit a specialist in this area for proper diagnosis and treatment if vertebral disorder is affirmed. Treatment may vary based on the type of disease or method adopted by the specialist.