Back pain can be very disgusting at times that it would make us almost feel like doing nothing. It can cause due to a variety of reasons such as sitting at a desk all day long, hunching over a smartphone, or having an injury on the back. There are many stretching exercises that can come at the rescue to cure your upper back pain. Today we are going to talk about some of the most effective stretching exercises that always result in the best to let go of the upper back pain.

Overhead Arm Reach

This stretch is accomplished by sitting on a chair, keeping the face towards the front with your feet on the ground. Raise your right hand in the air and slowly bend it to the left. Bend your right arm, to the left until you feel the stretch in your shoulder and the lat. Do this stretch five times a day to get better results with upper back pain.

Pec Stretch

The requirement of this stretch is a doorway. Stand in front of a doorway and put your forearm on the frame of the door. Bend your elbows at 90-degree angle so that you can have the stretch effectively. Make your body weight fall a bit so that it puts a great impact on your shoulders and chest as well. Then bend your body from one side to another. Do this stretch three times a day. Hold for at least ten seconds while you are stretching.

Chair Rotation

For this stretch, you have to sit on the sideways of a chair. Put your right side against the back of your chair. Now rotate your body to the right, having the legs fixed on the ground. Reach to the back of the chair with the help of your hands. 

According to doctor ho at Halo Health, this is a great stretching exercise that can cure all types of back pain. Be it upper, mid, or lower. This stretch will surely work for all of them.

Cat and Cow Pose

Stay on all fours on the ground. On all fours means you have to stay on the ground with all of your arms and legs, just like a cat. Put your palm under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Push toward your back to the ground, facing towards the ceiling of your house. This stretch is called cow pose. On the other hand, when you do the opposite of the same pose; drawing the stomach toward the spine and relaxing the head facing toward the ground, s called cat pose. This stretch is another great one for the upper back.

Doing these stretching exercises at home daily will help you to reduce your back pain to a greater extent. Sometimes medicine is not the answer to all the questions. Exercises play a huge role when it comes to keeping up with a fit body. Without exercises, it is never possible to stay fit and well over the long haul. Hence, apply these stretches if you really want to let go of your upper back pain which is really disgusting at times.