The medical term for piles is haemorrhoids; it is nothing but the swelling around the rectum with dilated blood vessels around it. Piles mostly remains as asymptomatic, in only few cases the symptoms of piles are noticed and then only patients may realize they got piles. These piles is not painful one, you may need to consult a doctor when the symptoms of haemorrhoids are very severe. Check for the bleeding on rectum, and then you can consult the doctor and then go with the proper treatment. These piles symptoms are gone easily on it or you may need only easier therapy to treat these piles effectively, in some cases on getting medicine from pharmacy itself the piles gets treated well. If you have pain that is very severe on rectal region, also when you experience bleeding on it, then doctor’s treatment is compulsory.

Piles can be diagnosed on internal examination of anus region. A colorectal specialist is best choice to treat this piles condition.


  • Itchy bottom
  • Bright red colour blood comes in stools
  • Mucus discharge is found
  • Swelling, soreness and redness surrounding anus region.
  • A lump hanging out on anus region.


  • Family history of haemorrhoids
  • Lifting heavy objects more often
  • Vomiting throughout
  • Persistent cough
  • Long period of time sitting down itself
  • Pregnancy
  • Getting older in age increase the risk for haemorrhoids
  • Obesity
  • Lack of fibre in diet


When you’re pregnant, in that time if you get piles, that will be overcome and get’s cured after your delivery. Lifestyle changes are must in order to reduce the strain on anus region. Try to have a fibre rich diet. You may get rich sources of fibre from wholegrain, bread, pulses, nuts, oats, oilseeds, beans, fruits and vegetables. Try to intake more fluids in your diet. Avoid caffeinated beverages in your diet and include large amounts of water.

When you feel like passing stools don’t ignore it, if you do so, that may worsen the symptom and makes the stools to harden and blood passes on stools. If you are obese then you need to shed down your extra weights. Try to work out regularly, physical activity is must. By doing so, it can prevent the occurrence of constipation and that will lower the pressure and also lower your body weight.

By doing this the risk for piles are prevented, you can also get ointments or tablets from pharmacy, which helps to reduce the symptoms and make comfort for you when passing stools. Naturally a fibre rich diet does a lot of goodness to you in healing haemorrhoids. In very severe cases of haemorrhoids, there will be need for surgery, in this haemorrhoids are removed or it is shrinked. In some cases banding is done, where a tight band is put surrounding the haemorrhoid, which will eliminate the blood supply to that region.