If you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) then you want to know about the common causes too. By, the way if you are not concerned too much in knowing about the internal factor of why ED has triggered on you won’t be able to find out the right form of treatment. 

Using medicines such as Fildena  100 is one of the common ways but we recommend that for better and proper cure you also know the reason.

When you visit a doctor for the first time your diagnostic procedure is also going to start with the doctor trying to figure out the root cause of ED and then finding the right ED cure for it. 

See, the problems of ED can trigger due to two main reasons and these are physical and psychological. 

If you have any of the disorders mentioned below it does not necessarily mean that you will suffer from ED if not. But it only signifies that there is an increased probability. 

Let’s take a look at the top 6 reasons why ED can crop up due to an existing disorder in your body-

Cardiac Problems Mostly Related to A Poor Blood Supply

Cardiac problems come at the forefront of the physical problems that can cause ED. According to medical researchers and scientists after dealing with so many cases of ED it has been found that almost a majority share of the ED cases are triggered due to some form of cardiac disorder backing them. 

There could be various reasons such as damage to internal cardiac walls or muscles that affect the blood flow or blood supply or a reduced beating of the heart.

You see that with ED, the main problem is with a reduced blood flow to the penis tissues that causes the disability in getting harder erections. 

By using pills suchas PDE-5 hormone inhibiting Cenforce 100 Sildenafil you can increase the supply of blood by inhibiting the action of the PDE-5 hormones temporarily. 

Clogged Blood Vessels or Internal Damage to Them

Clogged blood vessels or internal damage to them can also be the cause of ED for the same reason and that is not enough blood is flowing to the penis tissues.

The conditions of the clogging of the blood vessels and tissues are called atherosclerosis. The blood simply clots down in some parts of the interior of the arteries and veins that causes a reduction in the supply of the volume of the blood.  

Still despite this disorder, you can use the ED pills after buying them from a trusted portal such as Powpills and get harder erections to bring back your sexual life in order. 


Erectile dysfunction can also stem out from an aggravated form of diabetes known as type-2 diabetes. Those who are suffering from type-2 diabetes over the long term and don’t get the right cure or treatment for it can easily develop damage to nerves and blood vessels in their body. 

This can cause ED due to a lack of adequate blood supply to the penis or affecting them psychically when they are simply not able to have feelings or the desire for sex. 

Remember that by temporarily using Vidalista 60 pills you can have erections but that is limited to the actionable time of the pills themselves. 


This is also one of the major reasons for ED in men these days. Those who are obese and suffering from ED have shot up in the last few years mainly due to our poor diet. 

What happens when you are obese is that again your blood flow is reduced to an extent that affects your penis from being hard. 

This is caused due to the higher deposition of the adipose tissues that cause clogging or constriction in the blood vessels. 

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Smoking and Drinking Excessively

Smoking and drinking are two of the most common factors that cause ED in men these days especially those of a lower age. 

When researched upon it was found that the chances of ED in the long term goes up significantly in those young males who start smoking and drinking at high levels from a very early age. 

Most men who are suffering from ED backed due to excessive smoking or drinking are less than 40 years of age. 

Smoking causes nicotine deposits in your nerves which affects the blood supply while excess alcohol drinking affects you psychically and working as a depressant. 

You can easily use Fildena but only when you have completely given up or significantly lowered your alcohol intake as generic Sildenafil and alcohol can trigger easily. 

Stress and Sleep Disorders

Stress that is also caused due to sleep disorders is also the main reason within the psychological causes of ED. Find a psychiatrist to deal with ED while also continuing on your Cenforce dosage for a faster cure.