It’s 2017 and everything you can see around are being digital. So why not health and healthcare? In fact, as health care and health counselling are kind of oral interaction and symptom analysis, it’s way more possible through technology from a distance. And that’s what we call telemedicine.

What’s Telemedicine?

Telecommunication is the other name of overcoming distance barriers in the sector medical service providing and counselling. It serves clinical health service via virtual mediums like internet or phone calls. In terms of essence, it may not sound that much lucrative for urban citizens. By many places in the world, rural civilization hasn’t been able to reach modern healthcare. That’s where and how telemedicine works.

6 Reasons of Mental and Behavioural Health is Moving Towards Telemedicine

As mentioned earlier, telemedicine technology is supposed to deliver medical information and counselling through telecommunication devices. And think about which form of diseases can be cured in this way most effectively? If I’m not wrong, you’re thinking of psychological and behavioural health.

And that’s the point we’ll be talking about now.

Here are 10 reasons from an expert’s eyes that supports mental and behavioural healthcare through telemedicine-

Reason 1: It’s Better than Conventional Face-to-face Counselling Researchers have found that in some cases, telemedicine works better in mental healthcare than conventional face-to-face consoling from a statistic of University of Zurich, it’s been found that 57 out of 100 online patients get better result through telemedicine. Where, 42 of 100 patients, gets success in traditional healthcare.

Reason 2: Easy to Afford and Convenience There are countries in the world where people earn less than 5 dollars in a day. If you think typically, they can actually never afford a world classic healthcare service, neither physical nor mental.

But telemedicine and telepsychiatry has made it easier. People need only a computer, a webcam and a medium class internet speed. Easier than ever, right?

Reason 3: Less Missed Appointments If you’ been to doctors once in a while I’m pretty sure you’ve missed the schedule of appointments at least twice or thrice in your life.

But with telemedicine, it seems to be no problem. As it’s a in house service, you don’t have to come across traffic jam and all. Just turn on the PC and get direct access to the doctor’s chamber directly.

Reason 4: It’s Good for Doctors to Reach New Clients If you think from the doctor’s eyes, telemedicine will be a blessing for them as well. A doctor living in a town can hardly reach his service to people outside of his town/state. But through telemedicine, it can’t only reach other towns, in fact, he can go global if he wants. Thinking from the business perspective, telemedicine is a huge expansion of business for doctors and other service providers.

Reason 5: Customize the Care Based on Situation of Patient In normal, doctors have to decide and prescribe patients based on their correct situation and symptoms. They can’t actually track the exact health data of the patients for months or years, even if they want to.

But think about it, a doctor can get the health data of the patent over internet. How many ways are there that can make the treatment better? Actually, a lot. It will help the doctor to take more precise decision and also bring out better results for the patient as well.

Reason 6: Telemedicine Makes the Clinical Processes Easy

Telemedicine works by monitoring the vital health signs which includes blood pressure, sugar rate, pulse counts etc. which are transmitted through electric media like telephone or broadband. After being monitored by a telehealth expert, the treatments are sent back to the patient. Finally, the prescriptions are set under monitoring of individual’s personal clinician.

If you look at the process below, it’s clear that a telehealth service contains minimum amount of outdoor clinical processes.

Reason 7:No Worse Than Even Best of the Personal Healthcare

The industry of telehealth and telemedicine had been developed by past 40 years. Now, many of the expert physicians are up to some sort of telemedicine service. So, the myth of having no value in telehealth bears no value at all. It’s more than or equal to personal healthcare at your local clinic.

Reason 8: Reduce Travel Stress, Time and Effort

We all know how it feels to have a journey to the hospital when you’re physically not well. In fact, it effects on the patient negatively and turns up the diseases. But, without doubt we can say that telemedicine is out of any likely problems.

Reason 9: It Increases Patient Engagement

You don’t get to do so much when you’re having a treatment in person, right? But it’s a different scenario in case of telemedicine. In here, you are in commitment of your healthcare goals. Also, when you’re on swing of your treatment, you will maintain schedules and care the appointments.

Reason 10: Real Time Emergency Patient Care

Healthcare providers that works through telehealth, have their exclusive helpline. In case of emergencies, you don’t need to waste time in rushing to hospitals. You can get a real-time emergency call just a few clicks away.

Bottom Line

This list of reasons why telecommunication brings its own perks in case of mental healthcare isn’t enough. We think, if you’re attempting to take a doctor’s appointment, take a chance and see how you can find telemedicine beneficial. We’re pretty sure that you’ll not be disappointed.