Overweight and obesity are increasing rapidly in all age groups. Many people immediately apply the “Secrets” to lose weight quickly with herbs, oral supplements, regardless of money or disability. Losing weight too quickly often reduces water and muscle mass, which is dangerous to health. It’s not difficult at all, just be persistent to practice scientific, effective, and safe weight loss methods.

weight loss

1. Assess and determine weight loss goals 

Determine weight loss goals depending on age, degree of overweight – obesity, health status.

 In children under 6 years of age: do not set weight loss goals when overweight without complications, risk factors, comorbidities, the remaining cases need to lose weight.

Assessing the degree of overweight – obesity is based on many factors: anthropometric measurements to assess the balance of weight versus height, analysis of body composition, the thickness of skin folds, waist circumference to assess fat accumulation, assess diet – exercise, family history.

Assess health status: examine for signs of complications and signs suggestive of the cause of obesity (mental retardation, birth defects, endocrine pathology), perform laboratory tests Clinically used to diagnose risk factors and causes such as lipid Bilan (detect dyslipidemia), blood glucose (detect glucose metabolism disorders, diabetes), general abdominal ultrasound (detect fatty liver) ), quantification of adrenal, thyroid, pituitary hormones…

2. Principles of weight loss treatment 

Lose fat mass, not muscle mass, bone, and water

Maintain a healthy weight in a sustainable way

Form good eating habits and healthy lifestyle, prevent risk factors and recurrence

 Combination of increased energy expenditure through exercise and decreased energy supply Use weight loss medications when indicated

Combine treatment with associated risk factors if any (hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, …)

3. Effective weight loss plan in 3 steps 

Step 1: Increase physical activity through daily activities Do housework, ride a bike, water the plants, take the stairs. Choose a few sports that can be pursued for a long time, at least 15 minutes at a time and at least 60 minutes a day (brisk walking, slow running, cycling, swimming, soccer, badminton, etc.) tennis, basketball, etc.).

Step 2: Control ration energy Energy-balanced diet, ensuring enough nutrients (protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, …) from lean meat, fish, beans, vegetables, fruits,… Limit food rich in energy such as fatty foods (fat, skin, viscera, fried foods, stir-fried, roasted,…), sweet foods and drinks (tea, candies, sugary drinks, overly sweet fruits) …).

 If there is an indication for weight loss, and an energy-reducing menu of 500-1000 kcal/day in adults or 20-25% in children compared with energy requirements for age, can reduce 0.5-1kg of muscle weight. body per week and lose 10% of body weight within 6 months. Ensure adequate food groups and the proportion of energy-producing substances in the total energy intake.

Step 3: Maintain your diet and exercise

Combined factors: relaxation, sleep, a healthy environment, and the habit of journaling.


 People who want to lose weight safely at home should focus on making long-term lifestyle changes rather than adopting temporary measures.

 Everyone needs to focus on making changes they can sustain. In some cases, a person may prefer to roll out changes gradually or try introducing changes one at a time.

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