Every day we come to know about a new disease. Andrology is a term that is not familiar to most people. Medical science refers to this disease as the male version of Gynecology. Here, we dig into details of what and how facts about Andrology. 

Andrology is basically a Greek word, Andros (meaning-male). 

Recently, it has become common among the male, and now, the demand for the andrologist has also been increased. 

The specialists who treat the men’s reproductive issues are known as the andrologist. 

In the Following Session, We Will Discuss What Issues an Andrology Deals With:

Infertility Issues 

It would be a good option to consult an andrologist in Karachi in case of a male infertility factor. A recent report reveals that 50% of infertility cases are from the male side. A patient must consult the condition to the andrologist because it can be cured if it gets treatment timely. 

Male Hormone Deficiency Problems

Male attributes get affected when a victim faces a deficiency in his hormones. Studies show that it does not only affect the male attributes but also causes other health-related issues. Consultation with an andrologist can help to diagnose the real cause and even let the victim get treatment at the right time. 

Erectile Dysfunction 

During intercourse, when a male is not able to maintain an erection, is known as erectile dysfunction. It is one of the major male issues that are not easy to deal with. 

According to one of the best andrologists in Karachi, it has become possible to get appropriate treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Prostate Disease

It is a gland that is associated with semen production in men. If a male does not get the treatment at the right time, it can cause different diseases, including prostatitis, prostate cancer, gland enlargement, etc.

Most victims of prostate disease are men over the age of 50. 

An Andrologist Also Deals With:

Andrology is not only about testing only men’s reproductive systems, but it is also linked with the whole body function. Sometimes, an andrologist requires another body test, including blood, etc. A specialist does not suggest surgery until he finds out a critical condition to be cured. 

Facts How Male Infertility Issues Impacts On Mental Health

Patients with reproductive issues often experience typical reactions, including anxiety-related issues, low self-esteem, lost interest in social activities, marital conflicts, etc. When a victim meets with the other couples and watches them having kids cause frustration. 

Overthinking can also affect mental health. It is possible to cure male infertility issues, but still, a patient often thinks about how and when he will be able to recover this disease. 

Consult a Therapist 

Many victims do not like to expose what they feel about and how the infertility issue affects their mental health. During this time, it is crucial to consult a psychologist and share their feelings. Adopting relaxing techniques help a lot to live a stress-free life. Dealing with such disease often disturbs the normal life schedule and also leaves negative effects on the financial terms, relationships, etc. 

A male can isolate himself to avoid social communications. I remember when I was in Karachi how a couple isolated themselves. Later, a doctor referred them to meet an andrologist. The victim got cured and got successful to live a complete life.

Stay Strong, you will be Cured

Here, the very first fact is to not lose hope at all. My uncle also suffered from an infertility issue, and he went to a trauma center to relieve the stress. His therapist referred him to meet an andrologist, and he got treated successfully. There is nothing that cannot be cured, but it takes time to get the treatment. All the doctors try to make their patients feel better and bring hope to their lives as well. Coping with such medical issues often disturbs the victim’s life and changes the way of life he used to live. During the treatment, the victim should also meet a therapist to not lose hope.