Having years of experience in providing equipment for dentists, Med-Dent Safety offers an extensive range of X-ray systems and related equipment. We set the standards for manufacturing top quality dentistry products with the help of our dedicated research team. dental X-ray system is designed for smooth operations and hassle-free image capturing from even the most difficult angles.

Along with the high-performance of systems, the quality of the materials that is used in making them is given equal importance. Every X-ray unit that Med-Dent offers, is extremely durable and made to last decades.

Key Information Regarding the Products

Our portable dental digital x-ray machinery allows the dentists to get the best possible images to diagnose and treat the patients. The Genoray Port X-IV doesn’t consume much space and is easy to handle. With the ability of our x-ray systems to connect with mobile and other display systems, the clinics using it can get quicker results and run more efficiently. 

We also understand the needs of the dentists using our portable machines, and because they are handheld, we make it certain that the batteries on them must last long. Despite having bigger batteries, our equipment does not weigh much.

The other x-ray machinery at Med-Dent Safety, such as the Genoray Papaya 3D, provides an all-round overview of the patient’s mouth. It has panoramical x-rays and 3D imaging are made easy with CT-scanner. The scans are fast and take no time to come up with results. There is a 5-year warranty on this product that lets the clinics owning it go ahead with its use for years without having to worry about its maintenance. The customer support is always there to help out with operations and instructions whenever required by the product-owners.

Another product that Med-Dent Safety has to offer is the Genoray Portview Dental X-Ray Sensor immensely helpful with the popular Penny Test. It is comfortable for the patients and produces grainless images that aid dentists to diagnose a dental condition quickly. The device is easy to install and has durable cables that help it run for long. It has a much broader range of exposure when compared to the other types of dental imaging machines. With a core-length of 3 meters, this sensor has a long reach, which makes it use smoother.   

To Sum Up

Having so many useful products for imaging and other dental operations, It is a leading brand that is making dentistry procedures much easy. It aims to offer our innovative products and equipment to change the face of the dentistry world while being cost-effective to the buyers.