Whether you’re a business holder, an individual, an industry, or a government, running into debt is a part of the financial journey. And most times, you get out of it without having to go to the extreme. Unfortunately, some huge debts leave you no other choice but to file for bankruptcy. Now, how you go about the process will determine your stand in the business world after and during bankruptcy. And most of the success comes down to who is handling your case. Luckily, I have explained the process of how I came across this excellent bankruptcy attorney near Chattanooga.

  • Know Who You’re Dealing With

Remember the good old cliche “get back up when life knocks you down”? Well, not so fast. Before getting back up by filing a case, figure out what you’ve fallen into. This stage entails getting to know how your creditors have dealt with former debtors and the steps those debtors took to walk out of debt. Perhaps, you’ll get to find out bankruptcy is not needed and all you need to do is reach a new agreement with your creditors. There’s probably another way to resolve the whole thing that the debt panic is stopping you from seeing.

  • Know The Kind Of Bankruptcy You Need To File

Chapter 13? Chapter 7, 11, anyone? Though knowing your creditors concerning how they handle debtors will give you a glimpse of the best type of bankruptcy most suited to the scenario. However, if this is your first bankruptcy case, that information will be of no direct use to your decision. I mean, you’ll still need to talk to your financial advisor or anybody else to figure out what will work.

  • Be Determined To Choose An Attorney Who Specializes In Your Type Of Bankruptcy

This is pretty straightforward. While a general bankruptcy attorney is better than just an attorney who is into every type of cases, an attorney who handles one type of bankruptcy is th best. This individual has probably spent their entire life gaining experiences about your kind of bankruptcy and has greater chances of helping you win your case.

  • Get Recommendations Or Search The Web Or Do Both

Now that you know the kind of attorney you need, the next step is to reach out to friends, colleagues, business partners, or institutions of your kind who have filed the same type of bankruptcy and had success with it. Let them link you up with their attorneys so you can create an “attorneys list” of about 5. Another option is to use the Google search engine by inputting the keyphrase “Best attorney near me”.

  • Have A Meeting With Your Attorneys

Okay, so the best thing is to first have an online zoom meeting with your potential attorneys, one after the other. During these online meetings, you should request quotations, records of previously won cases, and contacts of happy clients to discuss with. After that, choose the attorney with the best records, reasonable price, and the most positive reviews from previous clients.