Employee work for their employer in a commitment about one year or some month. They have such kind of agreement that he or she can work for them for a limited amount of time. The time can be expended if the employee provides a good service.

But every day, many employees are being fired by their employer. Different countries have different law for this. But in California, it is legal to fire someone any time they want. So in this country, there is some wrongful termination lawyer to solve this kind of situation.

What is wrongful termination?

Employees can be fired for many reasons. But employees who have been fired by normal excuss or not so serious condition such as exercising their legal right or violating the contract of the employee. In this case, the employee can file a wrongful terminal.

In California, there is a term like “at-will”. That means people have the most power of their will even it hampers or bad effects any others life. So the people of California can fire or discharge anyone at their will.

But in California, the term comes to state when people realise that employers are firing an employee without any legal reasons.

So firing any employee for any kind of illegal reasons is called a wrongful termination according to the California government.

Who is capable of being an employee of California?

There are two main elements of this situation. First one is the employee and the second one is the contractor. In California, the contractors should be very careful because if anything goes wrong, the employee can file you a case for wrongful termination.

Now there comes a new word like an independent contractor. An independent contractor means he has been hired to do a specific kind of job and requires a specific result. He may have his own principle and his own style of work.

But if a person wants to prove himself an independent contractor, he must prove those following things:

  • He can’t control how the individual works
  • He must provide the service that is not same as the employer’s usual business.

Independent contractor cant file a wrongful termination claim.

Types of wrongful termination cases

all the termination cant be clear or simple. Some of them can be pretty complex. There are some types of wrongful termination that you should know about:

  • Mixed motive termination
  • Construction Discharge
  • Intolerable Conditions

If any of this of wrongful termination happening to you visit any wrongful termination lawyer as soon as possible

Things to do when you are terminated in California

It is really normal in California to be fired from the job any time. But you should not lose faith and try to find justice if he or she has been fired without any legal reason.

Information Gathering

As soon as the employee is dismissed and if they know they have been terminated without any legal reason, he should gather all the evidence and data to case a file against the employer. The more the data or information, the more chance is to get justice.

Get advice from the best

There is some wrongful termination lawyer who can give you good advice and can fight for you for your justice. They will take all the legal action to get you justice.

File a claim

Depending on the case or the situation, and employees can either file a case or claim a lawsuit. But the employee should remember if his claim is false, he may get a file for the harassment.

Wrongful termination in California has been increasing a lot. The employee should be careful about if he or she is fired for any unlawful reason. If so, the employee should take the necessary steps as soon as possible.