You may search the whole world for anyone that loves you like your mum but you will never be successful. This is to tell you that mothers are very important and we need to show them how much they mean to us. One way to do this is to gift then get with nice gifts during Mother’s Day. The problem comes when trying to find the best gift for your mother. You never seem to find that perfect gift for her. Unique gifts are far better than expensive gifts since you can add a personal touch to them to make them special.

This is what prompts me to write this post to show you that creative gifts are also nice gifts that can be appreciated by your mother on Mother’s Day.

This year you can ditch those fancy Mother’s Day bouquets from a Mother’s Day flower delivery and try creative gifts for a change. You will be surprised how they work magic. I will show you can get her something that she can use or appreciate or spend time with long after the holiday comes and goes. Read for more insight.

DIY Necklace

Get your mother a nice creative neckless that you’ve made from locally ava material. You can get creative with an ombre necklace using coloful beads and surely she will appreciate the effort. This gift is pretty easy to create and all you need a are coloful beads and a string. Mix the beads to create a lovely ornamental necklace.

Painted Fruit Basket

Another creative gift is the self painted fruit basket. Get a nice woven basket and using your creatively paint it nicely using a soft painting brush. Make sure that you use bright colours that easily blend and arrange the color strokes like the rainbow. You can either paint vertical or horizontally. Wait for the paint to completely dry and present it to your mother full of fresh fruits. This will remind her to eat healthy for long life. Accompany your gifts with some nice Mother’s Day roses.

Personalized Mug for Mom

Another great gift that very easy to make is a personalized mug for your mom. You don’t need to order Mother’s Day flowers online to make her feel special. All you need is a set of plain mugs, a small painting brush and some paint. You can paint all the mugs with sweet words for your mother and also wish her long life as she sips her coffee with those mugs. This gift is a practical one and your mom will surely use for a long time.

Make Up Bag

Be creative this Mother’s Day by creating a nice zippered make up bag so that she can put her make ups. Making this gift is quite simple easy and all you need to s a lovely carrier bag preferably see through and sew a zip on top so that she can access her make up fast and easy. You can get a carrier bag in many impressive colours so choose the one that your mum likes.

Painted Plates

Painted plates also make nice DIY gifts for Mom during Mother’s Day and you can use any type of plate to create this this nice gift. China plates are the best and you can use colourful paints that dry up fast and don’t damage the plates. You don’t have to precise when painting the plates. Just use your imagination to come up with a unique painting. This will surely impress your mother and the gesture will always remain in her heart forever.

Pretty Apron

Mothers are always in the kitchen and they love to cook and a simple handmade apron will make a nice creative gift. You can make a lovely apron from a piece of cloth which you can sew with some colourful designs and sweet words for your her. If your mother loves to invite her neighbours to share a recipe, this will really make her feel so good. No matter how simple the gift looks, it is the thought that counts so don’t be ashamed if you can’t afford a very expensive gift for her.

Vintage Teacup Candles

Another practical gift for your mother on Mother’s Day is that adds functionality at your home décor is candle making. They also make fantastic DIY gifts that match any room decor. You can use a tea cup to create these wonderful candles to present it to your mother on Mother’s Day. These candles make great home dinner centrepieces. They are so adorable and durable too. Your mother will surely appreciate the effort and she can use the candles for in many occasions.

Wooden Cooking Spoon

You can also curve a wooden cooking spoon for your mother on Mother’s Day as a way to appreciate her cooking. Tell her thank you for all those years you were young and now you are old enough to take care of yourself and her too. Crafting a perfect cooking spoon is not easy, but the good thing is that it doesn’t have to be perfect for what matters is the effort.

Heart Strings


Heart strings are also perfect creative gifts for your mother. This is perfect for the daughters who want to gift their mothers in a very simple way. Heartstrings are very easy to create and you only need strings and heart shaped cut papers. You can try out different coloured papers to make it more attractive. Hang it on her bedroom or kitchen entrance with some nice Mother’s Day floral arrangements.

Shoe Rack

Give her a nice shoe rack that is home made to make her appreciated for all the times she has been there for all those years. Making a shoe rack is easy and what you need is pieces of wood. And you can arrange her shoes for her on it to make even social.

A Makeup Kit

Make her look and feel young with the best make up keep t available in the market today. You can pick from the best brands in the market that is bound to making her look young and vibrant. Your mom means the world to you and deserves the best. If you are a daughter you can show how to apply the make up to make the gift even special. Remember that whatever you choose to gift your mother on Mother’s Day, make sure that it is from the heart and not the pocket.