Family is the best time indeed, we have endless things to talk and share with everyone. We don’t really have to plan a family reunion because even if we have some four five members around it automatically leads to family Reunion. But if you are really keen and excited for the whole family get together where each of the family members is present from your youngest sibling to your grandparents it has to be well planned. Planning prior makes the get together more fun and exciting.

Thus we are here with 6 tips to make your family reunion party unforgettable one.

  1. Make a Family Album

Collect the old and new pictures of every family member and make a beautiful album with these pictures. If the time permits you can also write the back story of where the photo was taken and other things that should be mentioned. This album would become the biggest pass time when there would be this get together and different family members will have different stories related to the pictures and this would take you back to your good old days. It would also involve funny stories and you will have a great time together.

  1. Dress Up

You can keep a dress code that every woman would wear white and man would wear black or any other theme like dress like you used to during your childhood days. This would be so much fun and through this you would be able to relive your past memories. Or you can just everyone to dress in their best attires so at the end of the day you can have beautiful pictures together with your family. It’s totally your choice if you want a specific theme or want everyone to come in their best comfortable clothes.

  1. Set Up options for Entertainment

Family Get together is longer than usual parties so better be ready with some fun activities and games so that none of the family member gets bored. You can arrange for Karaoke or move your body on some of the hit numbers. You can also play your family sports and have a competitive match between boys and girls. You can ask the oldest family member to recite some really funny stories from your childhood that everyone would love and get inspired from. Order chocolate gifts online for your near and dear ones and treat them on their special days.

  1. Give Secret Gifts

While everyone is busy enjoying ask the most senior family member to keep eye on everyone so that you can reward them later for best dancing, singing and playing with beautiful gifts. You can also ask different family members to come forward and speak something about every family member or say how grateful they are to have every member as their family. Prizes could also be like the person who has wonderfully played the role of father or mother or someone who has worked too hard to bring the family where they are today and someone who has sacrificed a lot for their loved ones.

  1. Food Ideas

This is one of the most important things because everyone loved good food. So decide before hand what kind of dishes everyone would like to have for the Family Reunion. You also have to take the count of kids and look whether are there any toddler, anyone who is having diabetes or cholesterol because everyone should have food according to their convenience in the Family Get together. You can go for an old fashioned potluck or discuss the menu on a family whatsaap group and take suggestions from all the members of the

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  1. Award Night

You can gather all the achievements of your family members they have achieved in their field like in their office, their business or in their school or college. This is the time to appreciate them and let them know how proud you are as family members for their success. Something like this will motivate them to do better and they would know they have your support and thus can excel in any of the fields. Everyone can prepare speeches for each other and narrate them in front of every family member and have a Family Hug.

We hope these tips lead you to one of the most memorable and loving Family Reunions.