There are several ways to explore and express intimacy with your partner. From sex toys and best-selling condoms in India, setting the scene, etc., couples try multiple things to maintain sexual intimacy and have a satisfying sex life to foster a healthy relationship.

Especially, women love to practise such things in their intimate moments to make them more exotic and memorable. However, sometimes, they may notice a lag or hindrance due to lifestyle habits, lack of communication and some common mistakes made in the heat of desires.

To help you carry out the most intimate and engaging lovemaking sessions, here are some common feminine mistakes to look out for in your sexual relationship. 

  • Too subtle initiation

Women tend to think men will be able to read their minds when they are in the mood for intercourse. So, they get frustrated and irritated when their partners are not able to notice their subtle hints. 

If you want to have sex, you can initiate it yourself. We know you love ladylike behaviour and don’t want to get pushy. But, it is observed that most guys always think that they are the initiators that sets a disequilibrium in the sexual relationship. So, why not give it a try?

By taking the first step from time to time, be it starting a conversation about different types of condoms or planning out a sex vacation, you can actually build an engaging and exhilarating sex life. Your partner will appreciate it and you both may find a new level of satisfaction with each other.

  • Worrying about your appearance

Some women worry about their body flaws or how they look like. But, thinking about your appearance during the lovemaking sessions ruins the chances of a better orgasm.

Furthermore, men generally love the opportunity to be with their partners in real to feel the sensation and physical and emotional intimacy. So, don’t bother about your makeup, belly fat, or anything else, just enjoy the most pleasurable moment with your man.

  • Not giving them guidance 

One of the biggest mistakes women make in their sexual relationship is not sharing their likes and dislikes with their partners. Guidance and communication are important aspects of good sex life. Hence, it is vital for you to talk with your partner to let him know how to turn things under the sheets for better climaxing and satisfaction.

Apart from these mistakes, women, many times believe their partners are always up for sex. But that’s not true. Males also have their everyday lives including work, kids, and other activities to perform. So, their libido does not rush every time. 

Clearing this misconception from your mind is necessary to have a pleasurable sex life.

Bottom line

Small things can make big differences. Similarly, minute mistakes or efforts can do greater harm or positive change in a sexual relationship. 

By rectifying the abovementioned mistakes, women can enjoy their sex life like never before. Moreover, for better guidance and support, you can consult a sex expert anytime for a personalised consultation. 

So, when things start to go south or your sexual life takes a backseat in your relationship, do not waste any more time and take professional help.