Women face various health challenges throughout their lives. They face reproductive health issues in their younger years and osteoporosis in old age. Thus, women need their own set of preventive services and screenings for staying healthy. In this article, we are going to share some tips which will help you in staying on top of your health.

1.    OB-GYN visit

If you are a teenager, then you should meet with an OB-GYN. According to a report from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the ideal age to start an OB-GYN visit is 13. The first trip to OB-GYN might be nerve-wracking. However, good doctors can help you in solving this problem.

OB-GYN in Rockwall, TX provides a friendly atmosphere. They will keep your information confidential. Also, they will act as a helping guide during the entire process. Most girls will experience periods before they start going to a gynecologist. Thus, they will have a lot of questions. A good gynecologist will help you in solving all these problems. Problems with periods can be signs of long-term gynecological problems. Early treatment can help you in treating diseases like endometriosis.

2.   Mammogram

You will need your first mammogram by 40. It is recommended to repeat screening mammograms after every two years. If your family has a history of breast cancer, then you should start early. This will help you in detecting diseases quickly. If your first-degree relative had breast cancer in their 40s, then you should start mammogram screening in their 30s. It is important to ensure that you are starting at least 10 years prior.

3.   Colonoscopy

You should go for your first colonoscopy by 45. It is recommended to take this test every 10 years. According to the ACS, early screenings will help them in saving a lot of lives. You don’t need a colonoscopy after 75 years of age. Thus, only 3 colonoscopy screenings are enough for a lifetime.

4.   Menopause

This change will happen around when you are 50 years old. However, you will still experience some menopausal symptoms as your estrogen level might decline. Vaginal dryness, trouble sleeping, reduced frequency of periods, and hot flashes are signs of menopause.

Menopause will have a big impact on your overall health. The risk for osteoporosis, heart strokes, and heart attacks increases. It is important to ensure that you are seeing your physician every year for screenings.

You can go for hormone replacement therapy for fighting the symptoms of menopause. In this therapy, estrogen will be taken to reduce the symptoms of menopause. It will help you in reducing the risk of bone loss. However, it won’t help you in improving your heart health. You need to do regular yoga and exercise to strengthen your heart.

Hormone therapy also comes with its own set of risks and challenges. It can increase the risk of uterine or breast cancer. There are other treatments like lubrication for dryness that you can follow for fighting symptoms of menopause. It is recommended to visit a physician first. They will help you in developing a plan for you according to your symptoms.


These are some tests that you can take to ensure that you are healthy. Your health will also depend on your diet. Thus, it is important to ensure that you are eating healthy. Regular exercise will help you in ensuring that your heart is healthy.