A chair in itself is a statement. When you see a high chair placed in front of the entire city and you know someone highly honored and respected sits there. Chairs are also a medium for comfort and ease. A leather-covered foam just for you can be your perfect spot for your reading, coffee, and stay-in work.

Chairs can standalone just like tables. They can be useful without the other. There are many chairs for you in the market. But having the right one all depends on where you want to use them. Expressing your style can be channeled through your home and its furniture. Dining and kitchen chairs are mostly seen with a table for the seaters to enjoy their meals. A chair by a tall lamp sounds inviting for a reader. Office chairs are the best for employees working at home and in the office.

We have a list of types for all you chair-searchers.

  1. Armchairs for the bedroom

Your bedroom is the space for your thinking and studying. Now wouldn’t it be nice to have an armchair beside a tall lamp and stacks of books on the other?

Armchairs only seat a person at a time. Though not recommended, some people sit on the arm while someone sits on the seat itself. These chairs create an atmosphere for themselves that gives the seater a comfortable and creative space.

  1. Ottoman and lounge chairs for the living room

The name came way back from the 1700s of the Ottoman Empire. This style grew fondly into the homes of people with classic and elegant taste.

Although the Ottoman is mainly made for resting feet, its features led it to be multifunctional. This furniture can be an extra coffee table or extra space for decorations and storage space. But the Ottoman can seat one extra guest for your party.

  1. Side chairs for the dining area

The Dining area is for food and mostly where gatherings are happening. Either with your family or friends, this is where long conversations and stories take place. And to connect with loved ones, it helps to have a comfortable chair through all those hours.

Side Chairs are the perfect fit for your dining table. If you want more room for all your family members, consider side chairs. They can squeeze into those free spaces.

  1. Desk chair for your office

As a new protocol or even the “new normal”, work from home requires having the right furniture while working. This will help both your health and work.

Desk chairs are your best friend when you have to face the monitor for hours. Executive desk chairs, to be exact, are the chairs for you.

  1. Folding chairs for the outdoors

Seating makes you relax from a day’s work or simply enjoying the view with your coffee. But while you’re there, why not take a sip of Vitamin D. Take a step outside with a folding chair and lounge into the fresh air and healthy sun, or purchase the whole outdoor set for barbeque parties and celebrations.

Folding chairs are storable since they fold into a flat surface to fit into your garage. Make sure they are water-proof or else your chair will stink up once hidden away for next use.

Bonus Features

People are practical nowadays, we want things to do more than they should. This kind of thinking settles them into thinking they gained more than what they paid. Well, for chairs, it is possible!


Especially for small-spaced homes, chairs that double function into storage are excellent investments. You can save up space and money.

Chairs with storages are also easy to access since they are laid out in space. You can take and put your things from your reach.


Chairs that can turn into a bed? Now, who says “no” to that? Then all you need now is a cupholder and snacks.

This multi-functioning furniture is the best advice for binge-watchers and movie fanatics everywhere. From seated to lying down, you have it all in one place. No more traveling from the living room to the bedroom. Just stay comfortable and chill with the television.

Different chairs for different purposes

Chairs are taken for granted pieces of furniture. We don’t appreciate it as much as it serves more than its purpose. But we couldn’t make it through a day without chairs. Maybe that is why at least one chair is available to any room in the house.

Let chairs make you comfortable when you need rest and solitude. But never give in to its laziness. Let it care for your weight when you can’t stand up one more minute. But do not let it keep you seated. Chairs are metaphors for you to think about. So think about it.