The Christmas season in Australia is a time to remember. Listening to the Carols by Candlelight is one of the most beautiful experiences that one can have. With the pandemic around this year, things have been different. But research says you should not shy away from hanging those lights for your Christmas celebrations.

Christmas party decorations are appearing all over the country. It is a much-needed joy amidst such turbulent times. A person was recorded on a news channel saying that the future generation will look up to how people responded during these times and take inspiration.

So whether you are thinking about hanging those red and green streamers or trimming the Christmas tree, don’t think twice. Just go ahead and decorate your home, as you wish.

The reasons why you should decorate are:

  1. Decorating Makes One Happy

Decorating your homes and gardens with fairy lights and Christmas trees is not just customary; it can benefit you. This time around, you can see people bringing out their decorations earlier as it is needed more than ever because of the unfortunate events going on. It seems to reflect the attitude that one cannot control what goes on in the outside world, but you can control what goes on inside your home. So, why not have some fun doing the things you love?

  1. Decorate the Halls for a Dopamine Release

Christmas party decorations create a spike in dopamine levels, which is a feel-good neurotransmitter. It is associated with happiness, and it has many positive benefits to your physical and mental well-being.

Psychological studies show that putting up decorative items creates a neurological shift in the brain. It produces feelings of happiness as it takes you out of the daily rut of living the same way, day in and day out. Hence, prematurely decorating your mantel and hanging the stockings releases this hormone.

  1. Colour Therapy

Now you might ask what exactly causes the release of this hormone? To begin with, it is the lights and bright colours. Chromotherapy, otherwise called colour therapy, deals with how colours can cause an increase in your energy levels and increase your happiness. This effect is also the reason behind painting your room a specific colour that might calm you down.

  1. The Sublime Ambience

Neuro-architecture is a relatively new field that studies how the environment has a role in affecting a person’s behaviour. The general ambience of Christmas time is also said to be one of the reasons for the spike in dopamine levels. No one can stop smiling when faced with Santa Claus or a Christmas tree wonderfully lit after being decorated.

  1. Christmas Elicits Nostalgia

The nostalgia that Christmas time brings also impacts the mood. For many, it is an enchanting time. It is a period of innocence and a season of pure joy. People remember their childhood days when they celebrated Christmas with their families and loved ones, decorating the Christmas tree or a boisterous family lunch; Christmas is truly a time that brings people together.


As stated, just the act of decorating your tree can affect your mood positively. Hanging the lights outside helps create bonds with your neighbours, and you will appear friendly to passersby. A study in psychology concluded that people use decorations as cues to communicate their accessibility to others.

So, whether you are planning to invite your friends or family over for a Christmas luncheon, go ahead and hang those Christmas wreaths you have been eyeing. If you want to stir up nostalgic memories, boost dopamine, and happiness go full-on with the decorations.