Diamonds are loved by men and women alike. They are dazzling stones and nothing can come close to matching their brilliance. Diamonds are often kept as inheritances so that the coming generation can use them as they see fit. The royal family of the UK has many such pieces that include precious diamonds. Princess Diana also left diamonds for her children and Prince Harry used them to design an engagement ring for his fiancé.

But why are diamonds loved so much?

  • They are considered a symbol of love, everlasting love. An item that signifies commitment and love. As such most couples try to use diamonds in their commitment jewellery. The trend may have started from a Greek belief that Cupid, the God of Love had diamond-tipped arrows.
  • Diamonds are very rare and it is only recently that they can be created in labs. Before, all diamonds had to be mined and then carefully cut and polished. Not everyone had the resources to buy them and hence, they were a unique item to own.
  • They are the hardest substance known to man. It can be used to cut glass too. This is why it is considered very useful and unique.
  • The shine and sparkle of diamonds are unmatched. No other gem looks or gives off effects like a diamond. That is why it is said – shine like a diamond.

However, you need to be careful when buying a diamond. The dealer needs to be authentic or you need to ensure that what you are buying is the right one. This is why when you buy cheap diamonds, there could be some things that you need to consider. Here are five reasons to avoid cheap diamond deals in London.

  1. -Diamonds are expensive stones and when you are getting them for cheap, beware. You need to check how and why you get these brilliant stones at such a big discount. Normally, diamonds come at a cost.
  2. -If you are interested in buying cheap diamonds, you must be careful that you aren’t being conned into buying fake stones. This is quite common and because you don’t have the expertise to determine, conmen will take advantage. So, when you get an offer for cheap diamonds, get them checked with an expert you trust.
  3. -Discount jewellers and wholesalers send emails and advertise diamond jewellery at unbelievable prices. But diamonds cannot be sold at a “wholesale” price. This could be a costly mistake.Certified diamond jewellers in London don’t offer wholesale prices and their reputation is dependable.
  4. -Cheap prices for diamonds could also mean that you are being sold lower quality diamonds. But this hasn’t been disclosed to you and you are buying it in the belief that they are good quality ones.
  5. -Often these “cheap” diamonds don’t have a certificate from a gemological laboratory. An unethical seller will say that this is just paper and you are buying the stone. They saved money by not getting the certificate and are passing on the savings to you. Beware as this could be a con.

Diamonds are desirable and this is why many are susceptible when they see prices that are way lower than those offered by a certified jeweller. Most don’t do enough due diligence before making the purchase. To be sure that your purchase is a genuine diamond, ask for a certificate of authenticity. Gemological labs also give certificates about the features and authenticity of the stones. With certified stones, your purchase becomes all the more concrete. Be it lab diamonds rings or mined diamond rings, both can be certified and then bought.