Finding out that your car windshield has been cracked, is the biggest headache. Car windows glasses are usually very strong, but if you are driving on highways, even a small stone can chip the windshield. If there is a small crack like star-shaped dot on your windshield, you do not have to worry, it can be restored without using any expensive methods. But if the cracks are causing some serious issues, below are some helpful tips to provide you an insight on how to handle if you are to deal with such situations.

What Are the Hazards From a Cracked Windshield?

In addition, to preventing you from seeing the road clearly, a cracked windshield can cause you to suck in many life-threatening situations and so, you must make sure to have a car glass repair done if things are serious. Some of these situations are mentioned below.

  • Greater likelihood of accidents – With a cracked windshield, you are prone to rollover accidents.
  • Increased risk of frontal ejection – If you face a sudden jerk from the front, with a cracked windshield in your car, you might be thrown out of it from the windshield which is the least desirable.
  • Botched airbag deployment – The work of a windshield is also to direct the airbag towards the passenger in case of any accidents. With a damaged windshield, it will not be able to function properly, and this eventually will lead to serious injuries.

The Temporary Fixes

When facing a windshield crack or damage, you must get a car glass repair done immediately. You might also go for a replacement if the damage to the glass is severe. If you don’t find a way to recover it, it is best to be replaced.  Many car insurance policies cover glass damage as they concern the safety of their customers. And even, many glass shop owners offer on-site services to their customers. But well, if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, you can try these temporary glass fix ideas. Although they are some fixes that will help with car glass repairs, they are not much reliable and thus, not recommended for the long run. And so, if it doesn’t work out to you make sure that you repair or replace your glass as the first thing when you got out.

Some of these temporary fixes for car glass repair are mentioned below.

  • Superglue or nail polish – You can use either of glue or a nail polish and apply it on the crack to make sure that no dust particles or moisture would go in through the crack.
  • Protect the glass – Always park your car in shade to protect it from direct sunlight and rain.
  • Windshield repair kit – If you are a little bit experienced and the crack is very small, you can also try to repair it using some repair kit that can be bought from any nearby car glass repair shop.

Having a chip or even a small crack in your car glass can be bothering and is very unsafe too. If there is a small chip, you can try using some of these temporary fixes, but it will be highly recommended to get it repaired as quickly as possible to avoid any hazards or even any accidents. Having a car glass repair or even going for a replacement can be bothersome because it will surely burn a hole in your pocket.  But well, one’s life is more precious than a mere windshield, so it is always to get it repaired at any cost.

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