Golf course maintenance is a dynamic task that you have to perform on a regular basis. Expensive and large fleet of maintenance equipment and staff to operate them proficiently are among the main reasons why golf is so expensive. We don’t maintain the turf and hazard areas on a regular basis, they will gradually turn into a forest of around 70 hectares. In order to attain the best results, your equipment must have a feasible design and powerful engine. Currently, Toro, John Deere and Jacobsen are some leading brands supplying different types of equipment throughout the world. We need some equipment more frequently than others. Therefore, it is advisable not to buy all golf course equipment from the used category. Below is a list of equipment that we need more frequently in a golf course. 


The mower is the primary requirement of every golf course because turf occupies half of the area. It is tolerable to allow hazards growth to an extent but you cannot compromise with the turf growth. In every area, i.e rough, greens, fairway and tee box, different types of mowing consistencies are required. In order to make it possible. Reel and rotary mowers are available in the market. 

Rotary mowers work faster but they cannot perform efficiently in high precision areas like tee box. On the other hand, a reel mower is capable of giving excellent results but works slowly. It means you have to invest in both of these mowers. 

Utility vehicle 

As we already mentioned above, the golf course occupies almost 70 hectares of land which is much larger than any other gameplay area. For maintenance purposes, we have to move from one end to another on a regular basis. It is a tiring task without a transportation vehicle. Small utility vehicles are designed specifically according to the terrain conditions of a golf course. You can carry the necessary equipment in the trolly. 

Golf carts

This is not a golf course maintenance equipment but you need them on a regular basis. Players don’t use utility vehicles to navigate the golf course. They need a special golf course equipment called a golf cart. Usually, these carts come with different seating capacities ranging from 2 to 6. 


Not every corner of a golf course gets the same sunlight and shade. In some areas, heat affects more than usual. Consequently, soft shoots of turf get damaged before developing properly. Water spraying is among the most frequent tasks in a golf course. Along with irrigation, this golf course equipment also works efficiently for spraying pesticides, herbicides and weedicides. 

Dethatcher, aerator, bunker rake, blower and vacuum are some examples of equipment that we need less frequently.