5 Top Brands of Washers and Dryers

When you entrust a washer or dryer with the care of your clothes – be they weekend casual gear or designer label finery – you want them to come out clean and cared for. Even if you don’t love doing laundry, you probably appreciate having appliances that get your laundry done well. Having confidence that your next wash day won’t end badly comes down to having trustworthy machines in your laundry room.


Samsung’s laundry range extends from basic affordable top loading washers to super-efficient front-loaders with a large variety of luxury features. A technology that Samsung calls Bubblewash is smartly engineered to enable the wash water to dissolve and foam the detergent more quickly. This faster integration of the detergent into the water allows your clothes to be cleaned more efficiently. Samsung’s dryers include a technology known as OptimalDry that senses how damp or dry your laundry is and prevents the drying cycle from going on a moment longer than necessary. Your clothes are saved from unnecessary wear and tear, and energy consumption is reduced.

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel apply their longstanding focus on quality engineering and thoughtful details to a range of laundry appliances that are appreciated by even the pickiest homeowners. The company have developed a SmartDrive system to operate the washer drums, maximizing control and efficiency while minimizing the impact on fabrics. Most of their models are impressively efficient, and even the more affordable machines offer helpful extras, like a vented dryer that includes a drying rack for items that might not be able to stand the heat!


Haier is another laundry brand that seems to have an option for every budget as well as every laundry need. Current models have a touchscreen control panel that makes it simple to set your perfect laundry cycle. If your laundry room is more like a laundry closet, you may appreciate their space-saving models, including dryers with vents in the front as well as the rear. Haier has joined the movement toward “smart” appliances with several washer and dryer models that are Wi-Fi enabled and can even be controlled remotely.


In the laundry category, LG continues their tradition of being a brand so familiar and dependable that you almost feel as if you’ve never been without it. Many of their washers include something known as “AI Direct Drive,” which is basically a system designed to let the machine judge the needs of the specific garments in the load and adjust the agitation accordingly. Allergy sufferers may be drawn to LG dryers that offer an Allergy Care feature. According to the company, this special cycle is certified to eliminate dust mites on fabrics.


Beko’s washers and dryers are among the most efficient, in terms of both water and energy usage. Beko washers also offer some unique features, such as pet hair removal and an Autodose function that takes the guesswork out of how much laundry liquid to use for each load. The drum action of Beko dryers is described as “wave-like,” and is intended to agitate the drying laundry more gently, thus prolonging the life of your clothes.

Your washer and dryer may be two of the hardest working appliances in your home. Any family with children knows the mountain of laundry that never seems to get smaller. Even single professionals find themselves shifting laundry from one machine to another and one room to another more frequently than might wish! Luckily, there are a number of brands you can rely on to provide machines for this essential task that are easy to use as well as unfailingly dependable.