Many people think that we are distancing ourselves from nature, what with the Internet and living in a concrete city. We are surrounded by man-made and synthetic products and this disconnection with Mother Nature can impact your life in many ways. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way; there are ways that you can introduce nature into your home.

Indoor Plants

You can get very creative with exotic indoor plants that add shades of green to go with the cork flooring. Besides, caring for plants has a soothing effect. Google Images can show you hundreds of fine examples of plants that thrive indoors, plus there are free resources about ideal species for every kind of climate. Hanging baskets on the terrace, with some big leaf varieties in tasteful vases would transform any interior.

Bamboo Kitchenware

You would be surprised at the many bamboo kitchen items that are available from the online supplier; bowls, plates, cutlery, pots and even straws are made using this amazing timber. A gorgeous Thai fruit bowl could take pride of place on the dining table and you can even get bamboo newspaper racks and book stops – all handmade, of course.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Most homeowners prefer the look and feel of a solid hardwood floor, which might be a big investment, but you have a floor that will last 30 years, with a few sand-downs and resurfacing in between. If your budget doesn’t stretch to hardwood, there’s always engineered flooring, which looks exactly like solid timber and has a composite core. Engineered flooring comes in many designs, so there will be something that ticks all your boxes and when the project is complete, no one would ever know the flooring isn’t natural hardwood.

Natural Cork Flooring

With natural cork flooring Brisbane stores offer at a very affordable price, you can enjoy the soft and silent walking experience that cork flooring brings. Live outside Brisbane? Fret not; an online search would easily point you to a nearby store selling cork flooring. There are many shades of brown, with some unique finishes and whether in tile or plank form, a professional installation and a coat of sealant will leave your home with natural flooring. There is no better type of flooring if you love nature and the cork is sustainably harvested, so you are not damaging the environment. Check out your local timber flooring showroom where you can view a range of cork products already installed. Cork is one of the most versatile of the many timbers and vines and has long been used for flooring, due to great insulation properties and a soft and silent experience for the occupant.

Rattan Furniture

The ultimate in natural furnishing, a quality rattan 3-suite with glass topped coffee table will make your home feel part of nature. Check the product reviews before making such an investment, or better still, visit a megastore where you can experience a wide range of rattan products and probably get a great deal.

It really does make a difference when your home has natural elements and all of the above are great ways to make your living space a little closer to Mother Nature.