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5 Types of Materials You Can Choose for A Kitchen Countertop

Take a step back and think about how much time you spend in each room of your house. Most of you will realize that your kitchen is where you spend a significant portion of your day apart from your bedroom!

Kitchens are no longer seen just as a space for cooking. They are now regarded as the heart of every home. It is a location where people make memories with their loved ones.

Whether it be a family breakfast or a baking session, the countertops are the one thing you will be using a lot within a kitchen. Therefore, you need them to be durable as well as visually pleasing.

You can find kitchen countertops in various materials. Your budget and overall interior design will determine which one is ideal for you.

Here are some of the options you can choose from.


Out of all the options of kitchen countertops available, quartz is the most commonly used one. This is owing to the high durability and low maintenance required for caring for quartz countertops. This manufactured stone is composed of ground quartz particles and resins.

The most appealing aspect of quartz is its resemblance to real stones such as granite and marble. Additionally, since it is engineered, it comes in various patterns and colors. Therefore, kitchens countertops made of quartz can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Moreover, since quartz tends to have a very low water absorption rate, it is highly durable. The fact that it is also stain resistant makes it a popular choice for messy souls.

This does not mean that the countertop material is infallible!

 On the other end of the spectrum, quartz countertop users need to be very cautious about the cleaning items they use. For starters, abrasive solutions can dull the finish of the stone. You should also avoid keeping hot pots or pans on the countertop since this might harm the surface.


Kitchen marble countertops have been a staple in interior design for quite a few years now. However, the unique thing about this material is that despite being a common sight in homes, no two countertops of marbles will be exactly the same.

Why? Well, this is because no two sheets of marbles are the same!

This novelty might explain the high price tag of marble. Since it is expensive, those looking for a budget-friendly countertop can limit the use of the material for the island or a small section of the countertop.

The best thing about marble countertops (apart from the aesthetic factor) is that the material is waterproof and heatproof. Hence, the demerits mentioned in quartz countertops do not apply here.

The main downside of utilizing marble, on the other hand, is its proclivity for staining and scratching. Sealers can be used to reduce the damage caused by this.


Corian is a solid-surface countertop material that is a synthetic polymer. It is usually used for the construction of shower walls, sinks, and countertops. Corian is available in various colors and patterns, hence being a popular choice for backsplashes.

Since the material is non-porous, it can easily withstand heavy use and heat of over 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet, it is not advised that you leave hot pans on the surface for a long time. The water-resistant characteristic of this stone means that it is easy to clean. Also, it doesn’t provide a breeding ground for bacteria.  

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about Corian countertops getting damaged by acidic cleaners because they are highly stain-resistant. Just make sure to opt for professional remodelling and refinishing services in case your Corian countertops get damaged. This is not a material you can handle via a DIY project.


For decades, granite has been the epitome of elegance within a kitchen. This finish has a way of making even the most humble places appear opulent.

While the material was previously highly expensive, its price has come down in the past few years due to the increased supply of engineered stone. This has made the material quite affordable. Since it comes in over 3,000 shades and various patterns, you can create your own customized countertop through granite.

Its durability, strength, and high resistance to heat makes it an optimum choice as far as functionality is considered. At the same time, improper installation and improper handling can lead to cracks and damage to the countertop.

Since the material absorbs material water, you need to seal it to prolong its life. Also, knives tend to become quite dull very quickly when you cut directly on the granite. So, we advise you to use cutting boards.

Ceramic Tile

For those who wish to take your kitchen matters into your own hands, ceramic tile might be the material to start with.

Ceramic tile makes for a very durable countertop that is easy to clean and maintain. They are also considerably cheaper than natural stones or quartz.

Moreover, in today’s time, you will find a plethora of design options in porcelain tile. In other words, you can make your ceramic tile look like wood or marble! Not to mention that there are just as many options to choose from when it comes to patterns.

While the material is immune from heat, tiles are quite brittle and must be handled with care. Getting stains removed from its grout lines can be quite a hassle. And compared to granite or quartz, the material is definitely not considered as sophisticated and trendy.

Ending Remarks

There are various other types of materials that you can choose for your kitchen countertop. However, the five we have mentioned are easily the best choices available. And as they say, the more choice you have, the harder it is to pick.

So, stick to the top five and select from within them. After all, there are various other elements of your kitchen that you might have to pay attention to in your remodelling adventure!

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