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Laminated Glass Referred As Safety Glass For Building Interiors And Exteriors

With the changing trends, a wide range of textures, paints, colors, fixtures, and accessories collectively contribute to the perfection of stunning space.

“The one trend, I think, will continue in 2019 is living in a chaotic, challenging world, and the same applies to design and décor. People like to blend low with high, hyper-layered with hyper-sleeked, and new with old.”, says an applauded designer, Jonathan Adler in an interview with Elle Décor.

It turned to be true as we see the back-come of vintage, mixed with new, creating innovative designs in interior trends. However, trends may change, style may go hit and flop, but there is something in the interior that will remain conscious forever- the openness and natural touch.

When John Derian, a designer and the owner of 4 renowned home article shops in New York, was asked to define the decorating style, he said, “my home is not ornate but peaceful, and all antiques are full of life. I like full-on colors accented organic decors, thus materials around me are natural. I like being with nature, that is why I bring it inside. Same way, I want others to feel peaceful at home like the are reconnoitering.”

With the kind of interior preference, we see that people want openness in their spaces, whether they are big or small; commercial or residential. Thus, we are observing a shift in interior trends- and the glass is making a buzz in the modern interior.

“Gensler finished around 800,000 of government projects in 2016. It included thousands of offices, all contain glass fronts.”, says Maurice Reid- a Project Architect of the firm.

From ceiling to floor; fixture to hardware, glass is becoming the designers’ priority. With the shrunken size of the offices, almost 30%, over the past decade has resulted in increasing popularity of interior glass for office renovations and buildings.

“Glass is used to condense space, still it provides a sense of openness.” Says Brett Shwery-Design and Delivery Director at AECOM Loss Angeles branch.

But with the popularity of glass, its safety and privacy are becoming a question. People want to ensure if glass material is safe and strong?

Researches and reports show that laminated glass is a safety glass and has recently started to capture the market. The reasons behind its increasing demand are; safety, stunning architecture designs and the increasing popularity of glass in the interior.

“Our figures reveal that around half of the total amount of single-pane safety glass is sold in Germany, and around a quarter of all laminated glass is used for interiors.”, saysJochenGrönegräs-General Manager of BundesverbandFlachglas.

Contemporary interior is seeking for more complex and creative glazing designs for both interior and exterior. Thus, multilayer lamination, digital printing, and glazed glass are making its way into modern architecture.

‘Glass for the interior is already in more demand as compared to other materials.” Says Carsten Heuer-a Managing director of the Schollglas Company.

Extra Safety, Extra Privacy, and Extra Charm

The reason for laminated glass to be considered as safety glassis that it is composed of 2 pieces of tampered/toughness glass rolled around a coating of clear plastic film. The glass undergoes heating and melting processes under high pressure to create a strong finished product. Laminated glass blocks almost 97% of UV radiation, and minimizes transmission of high-frequency sound, and on breakage, its one side shutters without causing damage to another side.

Glass floors and glass ceilings are the major constructions where laminated glassis always used, and we see its wide use as overhead glazing, making it a safety glass for the interior.

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