The living room is the main room of the house which has been used over the years to determine the value of a home. It generally sets the standard of what to expect décor wise from the other rooms. However, with the introduction of glass as an interior décor material, these spaces have seen significant changes over time for the better. Glass has become famous because of the pure clean yet beautiful and classy interior designs. In the living room, glass has various applications that have seen its glorification to the most prestigious décor material. Some of the ways you can transform your dull living room interior into aesthetically pleasing rooms using a small budget.

Enhance Your Living Room Using a Glass Coffee Table

Glass tables command a lot of attention because they are the center of attraction in a living room space. They become centerpieces because of their placement and styling. The arrangement of other furniture such as the chairs, direct the attention towards a particular point in the house set up. Therefore, they should be arranged in a way that places the glass coffee tables at the center of you can improve your old coffee tables by either attaching a glass table top or replacing them old tables with new glass designs. Placing a glass table top is easier and advantageous because you get to retain the old authentic style that you had in mind and at the same time improving it by attaching a glass tabletop. Glass table tops serve best because unlike the other material, e.g., wood, it is easy to clean, and it protects the artwork carvings on the wood from getting damaged. Apart from its classy finish, glass creates an illusion of space using its transparent nature. Therefore, it is mostly used on glass tablesin a small apartment.   

Glass Corner Shelves for Your Living Room Edges

Shelves have a long history of modifications; they have always been used as storage spaces and display units. The introduction of glass in the production of shelves has helped in the construction of sleek cheap pieces of furniture that add to the interior décor when used right. Glass corner shelves are different types of shelves curved and placed at the corners of the living room. They are made using acrylic glass which can be comfortably curved and fitted at the edges. The Plexi glass is used highly advisable to be used for glass corners because of its high shatter resistance.

Glass corner shelves add value to the living room because they can be used as display shelves where you can place other home decor ornaments. You can also give it the final touch band uses it as a gallery, where you can display the family photos and other important portraits. Therefore, make a point and replace your old gallery and introduce the new glass shelves.

Improve the Under-Stairway Space Using a Glass Bookshelf

Most of the time when the stairs lead to the living room, we neglect the space underneath it. Since it is now part of the living room, you get to come up with a cheap and straightforward design that will not scream ‘space.’ The best way is by installing a substantial rectangular shelf that fits the shape of the space. The rack can have very many uses; the most common of all applications is for it to act as a book shelve. Therefore, all the novels and other books in the house can be placed here for easy access. You can add a mirror behind the shelf before the installation; this would create the illusion of space, therefore, adding up more space to the living room

Living Room Glass Cabinets  

In most old homes the living room cabinets have lost their functionality. They are just bare wooden structures sitting around waiting for functions. You can modernize these glass cabinets by using pure glass to make stunning glass cabinets. Ensure that the glass cabinets remain intact during fixing. The cabinets can be used as display cabinets where the different family antiques can be placed for viewing. The cabinets create depth in the living space by showing what is in the glass cabinets  

Beautiful Living Room Views by a Large Glass Window

Windows are an important part of the house for they create a connection with the environment and allow free circulation of oxygen in and out of the house. Large glass windows are no ordinary windows. They can be defined according to their name. Thus they are large windows installed to replace one wall side of the living room. They are known to create a connection between the interior décor and the environment because it is set to inspire the set of interior design.  Apart from the adequate amount of light let in the room the large glass window creates an illusion of space, therefore, makes the interior feel more spacious. They cannot be said to be expensive because it saves on the stone to be used on the wall. In term acrylic glass is not that expensive. With all the above you should think of using glass more often in your interior design for that final classy finish.