Mirrors in houses prove to be a vital element not just for usage but for decoration as well. Ranging from glass mirrors to antique mirrors, all have a role to play in homes. They make a statement in the place in which they are placed, but only if this is done well. Usually, anyone would be able to do this if they chose to, but would it be safe to hang your wall mirror on a wall without using some of the best practices to ensure your wall is not damaged? Both walls and mirrors are delicate and so to ensure none gets damaged in the process, the following aspects have to be put in place.

Use a Wire to Display Your Art

 This can be a suitable method for displaying antique mirrors and wall art. One can spray paint the wires for beautification purposes, to match the rest of their decor. Depending on the size of what one intends to display the sizes of the walls, one can find a suitable means to display their art. The use of a wire shelf is often referred to as closet storage, but when one learns the shelves against the walls, it becomes the perfect place to hang your art form. One also has an option to hang smaller wire shelves from special adhesive hooks thus uses fewer hooks but gets to display a variety of wall arts, e.g., pictures.

Special Adhesives Hook for a Damage Free Wall

Not all hooks one purchases are damage free. Some leave your walls in a state that will force you to scrap it out and later repaint that part so as to have your wall back and so it is vital that when considering to hang either a wall art or a wall mirror on your wall, have hooks with special adhesives that are easy to remove and replace when need occurs and at no particular point do they leave the walls damaged. These types of hooks are can generally hold a some few pounds but are not necessarily made from heavier material hence it proves to be among the best practices of fixing a wall mirror and a wall art without leaving wall damages.

Advance use of Decals as Decorations

Decals come in handy when one wants to avoid leaving holes on a wall. Since they come in different styles and sizes, they give one an option of achieving their desired effect. Decals mean a design prepared on special paper which can be transferred to another surface for durability purposes and in this case the mirror. They are often made with adhesives that are damage free; hence one does not have to worry about their walls being damaged. One should, however, be careful to follow the laid-out instructions of removal when opting for this method to avoid damages as some require specialized removal products.

Enhance the Magnetic Paint Idea

A wall mirror not to mention wall arts need to be at a steady angle for clear vision as well as to avoid possible breakage due to constant tilting. Magnetic paint offers that option for one and an even more beneficial reason is that it does not damage the walls in one’s home or another other particular place to which it is used. All one needs are gallons of magnetic paint for the walls and magnets and glues for the items one intends to display on their walls, and they are set. It is however advised to use multiple coats of paint to increase its effectiveness.

Clothespins as a New Style of Hanging Your Art

We possess different tastes when it concerns home. Some prepare to hang their pieces of art directly on walls while others find it better to use other methods. Whatever the case clothespins prevent walls from being damaged when one is fixing his or her pieces of art. All one needs to be able to do this is simply a yarn or a clothesline to which they tie on hooks on either side of their walls and later use clothespins to hang their art.  It is the best option to use is one intends to display a variety of art, and of course, it leaves no damage at all to one’s wall.

Use Fine Unique Decorative Tape

Tape not only secures your art in place, but it can also be accentuated. Unlike before, tape now comes in a variety of decorative options which can suite the design of an individual’s house and at the same time blend with the art one purposes to hang on their walls. Individuals can tape up their pieces by adding tape each corner and later on sticking them to the walls. It is a suitable method to use for decorating one’s wall especially for individuals who rent a house. It is less costly in all aspects since it simply requires purchasing tape and since it is damage free, people will not have to worry about incurring extra costs to repair damaged walls.

Be Adventurous and Try using Putty to Hang Your Art

One can create a unique decorative display which incorporates numerous items in a single area. It leaves no damage on the walls. Putty is simply a polishing powder or a paste that hardens after a few hours. When compared to other fixing practices such as the use of nails and such like objects that tend to damage the wall, putty becomes a safer fixing practice to use.

Antique mirrors and a wall mirror as decorative effects to a person’s home. It is safe to say that when one settles for these items, they have to have a measure put in place to ensure the walls of their homes are not destroyed for fixing them and displaying art and so a variety of ‘safe’ practices exist to ensure homes remain beautiful from wall standards to décor in general.