One of the things that have people who have dogs, stressed is the occasional grooming. Except, maybe for brushing, washing, cutting, trimming, grinding, cleaning and doing anything related is a lot more difficult than it seems at first glance. The pup is rarely in a collaborative mood and thus, you have to do everything in your power to make the job easy for you. Otherwise, some tasks would become almost impossible to do.

Without further ado, here are a few tips for you on how you can simplify dog grooming for yourself! But before moving ahead, we would also suggest you to contact a vet if you want professional services in this regard as they are trained and use the best groomer supplies, such as those found at Ryan’s Pet Supplies. And if you are interested in becoming a vet assistant then you can check this guide on How to Become a Veterinary Assistant.

Make sure your pup is used to everything that you have going on

Some devices, especially those that make a lot of noise or vibrations, can make the dog stressed. This is why every new tool and device that comes into your home (for example a robot vacuum cleaner) needs to be eased in. The same applies to grooming. If you’re using a hair trimmer, turn it on and hold it in your hand for a few minutes or just let it run. Once the dog gets familiar with the sound – begin trimming the hair.

One of the areas where quiet or low-noise devices are especially handy is nail trimming. Having a quiet dog nail grinder can be a total time-saver. A quiet device won’t stress your pet out and he or she will need less time to get used to it.

Do it in a well-lit space

Well maybe not everything needs bright lights, but if you’re cutting hair, cleaning the airs, giving them medication or grinding nails, make sure you have enough light to see what is going on. The most unfortunate thing is when you accidentally do something unpleasant for the puppy during grooming. It hurts you and more importantly, it hurts them, making them anxious and less likely to collaborate on such activities in the near future.

If needed, bring over more light. Just try to avoid shining it in the eye of your pet as it too, can stress them out.

Don’t forget the treats

After every grooming procedure, a treat must be given to the four-legged friend. Why? Well, because they deserve it and because treats are the most efficient method of dog training. By helping them understand that after being patient and letting you groom them, they will receive a delicious, crunchy or chewy treat, your dog(s) will make it much easier. If possible, you can even find a delicious and healthy snack that let’s you score 2 for 1.

Patience is a super virtue

You probably know that dogs can somewhat sense stress and anxiety in humans. They can also feel when you’re calm and in a good mood. This is why it is important to do grooming whenever you are feeling well and to avoid grooming when you’re angry, anxious, nervous or easily irritated. If you cannot seem to concentrate for longer periods of time, grind the nails or trim the hair – do it in many short stages. Come back to it whenever you’re ready and you as well as the pet can be comfortable. Otherwise, your dog will begin to feel uneasy too.

Have a regular schedule

This is not just because your dog and yourselves should get used to the calendar. It’s more related to the fact that if you do not brush the hair on time or do other things, you could end up having to break nine sweats scrubbing, brushing or doing anything else. Doing things regularly will help you and the pet to be comfortable while grooming.