Being a dog parent is a different kind of pleasure. Your dog is a companion to share your happiness and sorrows, and your dog does the same. Dogs express their love in many different ways than humans. They wag their tails around you and try to play with you. They jump in excitement. Some might also start nipping you. If you are a dog parent, you need to know how to stop a dog from nipping when excited and happy.

Apart from being the cutest companion, there are many benefits of having a dog that you may find surprising. Here are five incredible benefits of having a dog in your life. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. They are Great to Overcome Loneliness

Many adults spend at least some part of their lives by themselves. If you are on your own, a dog can be a fantastic companion for you. They help to overcome loneliness by being around you and showering love with their presence. Many experts have also stated that having a dog with you can prolong your life expectancy.

  1. They are Stress Busters

Any person who loves dogs can tell you that dogs are great stress busters. Even as simple as running your hand in a dog’s fur relaxes you instantly, and dogs love it too. According to scientific research, petting and playing with dogs can release serotonin and dopamine hormones in the human body, which help to reduce stress and relax you.

  1. They Make Us Happy

A 2009 Japanese study shows that looking into your dog’s eyes can release the oxytocin hormone called love hormones. The oxytocin hormone plays a key role in social bonding between animals. So when you look into your dog’s eyes, you instantly feel loved and happy.

Imagine having a long, tiring day, fighting traffic, and finally reaching your home to be welcomed by your lovely pup. One cannot measure that happiness on scales. If you know how to stop a dog from nipping when excited, you can enjoy some good playtime with your buddy.

  1. They Help Us to Stay Healthy

Dogs love to go for walks, and so do their parents. You would be surprised to know that being a dog dad or dog mom can help you shed extra weight. Regular, daily walks with your dog can help you to stay healthy. Brisk walking is an excellent cardiovascular activity, and the short runs with your dogs can help you stay fit. Continue going for those daily walks with your pup, and be ready to say goodbye to your muffin tops.

  1. They Help Add More Routines to Our Life

Our four-legged friends are creatures of habit. They know when you go for a walk and what the mealtime is. They develop habits over time, and that as a dog parent, you can develop healthy habits too. Those walks with your dog help you physically, and you automatically get fitter every day. Dogs help you to follow routines and healthy habits without your knowledge.

These are some of the best benefits of having a dog in your life. When you own a dog, it becomes a part of your life, but for them, you mean to be their life. Any other animal rarely shows that kind of loyalty.