Watching the cats rolling over the floor and chasing their toys is quite fun. Playing games with felines is not only entertainment but also a great way for keeping them mentally and physically healthy. An active and stimulated cat is less likely to become obese and develop laziness, while the cats that are not used to playing can gain and uncontrollable weight which then gives rise to many other diseases.

For the owners of feline cats, it is important to make sure that their cats are getting enough playtime. For this reason, they can create and play several games with their cats so that they remain active the whole day and their blood circulation is enhanced.

American Cat Pet Blog has listed various games you can play with your cats. We have brought some of the best and easy games ideas for you. We hope it’s going to be helpful.

Ping Pong Balls

Cats love rolling objects. They can chase them the whole day. So ping pong balls can be a great idea to keeping the cats active and stimulated. Bring a dozen ping pong balls and bounce them all over the floor at the same time and see what happens. Your kittens are gonna come from miles away after their noise. This can be the best game if you want to keep your kitty busy.

Go Fetch

Fetch isn’t only a dog’s favorite game. Meows love it too. Only thing is, they are not gonna fetch the object if you throw it far away as you do for dogs, plus they are not gonna bring their fetch to you, you would have to take it yourself from its mouth. But they will gonna enjoy chasing and fetching the thrown object, and they can play this game nonstop for several hours. So it can be a healthy workout for them.

Laser Light Fun

Cats love chasing things that’s why most of their games are based on chasing and fetching little objects Point the beam of a laser at the floor or on the wall and see what your kitty does. Laser light is the most favorite game of felines. Chasing that gleaming beam gives a boost to their energy level, they become stimulated and active for a few hours.

Paper Bags

Just an ordinary paper bag that you bought from a departmental store can become a reason for your cat’s joy. I don’t understand why kitties show affection for a paper bag, I think it is its crackling sound that they love. Anyway, just hand over or I must say “Paw over” a medium-sized paper bag to your cat with a treat inside and it will keep it busy for a while. Cats love to snuggle and hide their selves in the paper bag.

Hide and Seek

Hide behind a door or a wall and give several sneak peeks to your cat and they will come looking for you. Your kitties are gonna love this game, but their interest in this game is only gonna last for 10 to 15 minutes, so you are will need some other activity for your cat after playing hide and seek.