A home is not a happy home without a dog. For a long time, dogs have been an integral part of our society, and more than often, they get the love they deserve. But the normal is changing and has completely different definitions. Are we giving enough time to our dogs in our hyper-active daily lives? Some of you may be guilty of this. Well, to make you and your dog feel better, here are seven fantastic items every dog owner must-have.

1.   Self-dispensing Feeder

If you often leave your pet alone at home while you’re at work, this is a must-have. This item works efficiently well as an automatic food and water dispenser. Your dog will have to put their snout in the bowl, and food or water will come in the container automatically. Of course, you will have to fill the dispensers beforehand.

We have another solution for people who have travel plans with their pets for longer durations. They can use travel dog bowls to feed their pets on the go.

These dog bowls are collapsible and can easily fit into any backpack or even a handbag.

Moreover, if you are going on a hike with your dog, carry a dog-friendly water bottle. The bottle opens up and converts into a container in which your dog can drink water.

2.   GPS Tracker

You need this device if your dog doesn’t like boundaries and is always running around freely, or you want some rest while your dog takes itself on a walk. Most of the premium GPS trackers are lighter than half a pound and are attachable to the dog collars. Another good thing about the GPS tracker is that it doesn’t cause any irritation to the pets.

Almost all these trackers are traceable throughout the country and generally come with a subscription plan. A GPS tracker for dogs is a must-have item if you have a naughty dog that likes to escape now and then.

3.   Robust Shoes

How often do you take your dog on an evening walk to keep them in good health? Many times, our goodwill doesn’t yield as planned. Sharp twigs and pebbles may pierce their soft feet, causing them mild to moderate pain. Get robust shoes to protect your dog’s feet, and take them on a pleasant walk.

If you live in a city where it rains for most of the year or the roads are covered with snow, you must positively have a dog shoe pair. These shoes keep the feet of your pets safe, and they’ll even help them travel long distances. However, it might take some time for your dog to adjust to these new wearable accessories.

4.   Dental Chews

We regularly take care of our teeth, so why are we reluctant about our dog’s oral health? Brushing your pooch’s teeth might be a little tricky. That’s where dental chews come into play to control your veterinary expenses.

Dental chews help a canine’s teeth stay healthy and strong by reducing the tartar accumulating on their teeth over time. The ideal dosage should be one piece per day. Once you introduce this item to your dog, you will never have to worry about their gum health and the spaces where a traditional brush can’t reach.

5.   Grooming Accessories For Keeping Up The Good Looks

Grooming your pets and caring about their aesthetics is one of the original specs a good pet parent has. Moreover, you’ll save a great deal of money if you decide to groom your pets at home, instead of taking them to pet salons.

While buying the grooming supplies for your pet, you need to consider its breed. Different breeds have varied hair density that significantly affects the productivity of a grooming product. Below are the must-have grooming products for your dogs:

  • Metal comb or brush to detangle hair and fur.
  • Conditioners and shampoo to maintain the luster. Consider buying products that have a medical formula to keep away the ticks and bugs.
  • Nail clipper
  • Medicated toothbrush & toothpaste.
  • Personalized perfume for your dog.
  • Moisturized wipes for unusual situations.
  • Grooming gloves.

6.   LED Collar & Jacket

Do you like to take a stroll with your dog before you both go to sleep? There’s no harm in this. Instead, this activity is a great way to boost your and your dog’s health. But if a busy road passes by your neighborhood, the continuously moving vehicles might create a problem for your pup.

Consider buying a pair of LED collar & jacket to alert drivers and save your pet from the fast-moving cars. By making this purchase, you will be investing in your pet’s long and healthy life.

7.   Your Dog’s Favorite Treats

Although a mainstream recommendation, having your dog’s favorite treat handy is vital to maintain good relations with your dog. You can use the treats to appreciate your pet for doing a good thing or treat them to make them happy or calm them down.

It’s rare, but some dog owners don’t even know about the concept of appreciative treats and thus aren’t abreast of what their dog likes or dislikes. Always purchase candies/sticks/flavored bones that your dog enjoys, and your dog will love you even more. If you have an elderly dog suffering from arthritis, you can also feed them CBD-infused pet treats. Specially formulated CBD pet treats can relieve pain in senior dogs, without any psychoactive behavior.


Caring for a dog is easier said than done, you have to put in the dedicated time, love, and patience. To make pet care easy for you, we introduced seven products that included essentials like oral care and physical safety from the road’s wear and tear. Make sure to check your local and online outlets to buy these products and make your bond even more potent with your furry friend.