A glorious sunset, towering skylines, and a magnificent view – the perfect backdrop for a picture- perfect wedding. A rooftop venue guarantees all of that and more. However, planning a wedding on the rooftop comes with some unique challenges that can be easily overcome with some detailed planning a knowledge of logistics.

Rooftop wedding venues are best suited for spring and summer weddings thanks to the warm and pleasant weather. However, factors like unpredictable weather can mar the celebrations and dampen your enjoyment. So, it is best to plan for these things thoroughly so as to ensure that you and your guests have an amazing time at the wedding.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Planning a Rooftop Wedding

Here are some things you need to consider and plan before choosing a rooftop wedding venue

  1. A Backup Plan:

There is plan A which is your rooftop wedding venue, but there should also be a plan B. Apart from the rooftop wedding venue, also look for a place that provides both outdoor and indoor facilities. With a backup plan in your pocket, you can plan the wedding in peace, knowing that you have space where you can move the food and décor seamlessly if the weather becomes unfavorable.

2. Highlight the Features of the Rooftop Wedding Venue:

If you are opting for a rooftop wedding venue, try to highlight its openness rather than trying to recreate a more indoor and traditional wedding space. Bring in some greenery, put out benches and waterproof couches and cushions, hang paper lanterns or some fairy lights to highlight the outdoor feel of the venue.

3. Plan for Strong Winds:

Everyone thinks of the rain but not many think of the wind. You will be surprised to know that wind is more likely to wreak havoc than rain on a rooftop. So, think carefully when choosing the décor. If you are opting for paper decorations, make sure all the elements are anchored down and cannot be blown away by gusts of wind. It is best to just shift all the delicate elements away from the path of the wind and into the sheltered areas of the rooftop wedding venue.

4. Choose a Convenient Location for the Guests:

It is important to choose a location that is convenient for the guests to reach. In case you have VIP guests coming in to attend your wedding, then it is very important to ensure that there is sufficient parking space for all your guests to park their cars.

5. Invest in Good Lighting:

The last rays of the setting sun make for a great time for the wedding to take place. This is one of the major highlights of choosing a rooftop wedding venue. However, once that romantic glow disappears, you need some fantastic lighting to illuminate the space. To complement the soft glow of the sunset, it is best to opt for soft lighting and some candles. LED fairy lights can also be a great way of illuminating the rooftop wedding venue.

6. Match the Wedding Theme with the Rooftop Wedding Venue:

The panoramic view of the skyline from the rooftop is more than enough and would require minimal decoration to complement the outdoor setting. With the right type of flowers and a great color scheme, the overall ambiance would turn out to be gorgeous and appealing.

7. Keep Some Additional Hours at Hand:

Traffic, weather, floral decorations, food and beverages, and many other such elements come together to create a great wedding. Moreover, if the rooftop wedding venue is located in an old building without an elevator, then it would be difficult for the caterers and florists to access it quickly. Then the arrangements would need to be made using the stairs and it would take some time to create the final setup for the wedding.

If the rooftop is located in an urban area, then heavy traffic can be expected in the road leading to the venue. It will take time for everyone to reach, unload, and organize the venue for the wedding. So, it is best to always start early and keep some time in hand to compensate for anyone running late.

8. Opt for Weatherproof Furniture:

Weatherproof furniture made out of synthetic or faux leather is moisture and spill-proof. Such pieces of furniture prove to be especially useful if you are hosting a cocktail party during your wedding. There might be spills, but weatherproof chairs and couches will stay dry and spiffy all day long.

9. Inform Your Guests of the Rooftop Wedding Venue:

Informing your guests beforehand about the type of venue would help them bring the essentials they would need to stay comfortable. People might bring their sunglasses or shawls to stay warm while attending rooftop weddings and not informing them in advance might cause some inconvenience.

10.Match the Food and Drinks with the Weather:

The menu for the wedding must be decided while keeping the season in mind. Buying seasonal produce to prepare the food has proven to be a more cost-effective option than food items made from out-of-season ingredients. For a spring or summer rooftop wedding, some refreshing cocktails along with some light snacks would be a delight for all.

In Conclusion:

Now that you know most of the tips that would be required to plan a perfect wedding on a rooftop, go ahead to find the rooftop wedding venueof your dreams. Many a time, the staff and management of the venue takes care of major logistics like décor and food, leaving the bride and groom free to enjoy their special day at peace. Find venues like this for a beautiful and convenient rooftop wedding.