Whenever you plan to remodel your kitchen, you want the cabinets to be the best part. Similarly, you decide on its design and color. In addition to it, you want your cabinets to match the countertop as well. For the perfect kitchen cabinetry, choosing the best color is essential. In this way, J&K cabinetry offers a wide range of color collections. All you have to do is choose one that suits your kitchen.

There are several options for dark and light shades of kitchen cabinets. You want your door profiles to enhance the look of your kitchen. For that matter, both the design and the color of cabinets are essential. Keep reading to learn more about what colors are available in kitchen cabinets.

Here is the list of the eight most attractive colors that might interest you. The following colors have a stunning appeal:

  1. White
  2. Pearl white
  3. Castle grey
  4. Dark espresso
  5. Cream glazed
  6. Mocha glazed
  7. Greige
  8. Charcoal grey

1- White:

Well, you cannot ignore the grace of all-white kitchen cabinetry. White sets of cabinets have been popular for a long time. This color in cabinets gives a spacious look to your kitchen. Similarly, the white cabinet color is known for its bright texture. If you want your kitchen to be airy and bright, go for white color cabinets. J&K cabinetry offers many pretty shades of white in color cabinets.

2- Pearl white:

Pearl white is another shade in the white cabinets’ collection. This kind of white has its charm. Also, pearl white is slightly dim than pure white. It has grey and beige undertones on its surface. If you want to go for something simple yet elegant, opt for pearl white kitchen cabinets. Besides, it will look perfect with your white granite or a marble countertop.

3- Castle grey:

Many homeowners prefer grey color for their cabinets. Undoubtedly, grey has a stunning appeal on any surface. But when it comes to cabinets, nothing is more beautiful than a set of castle grey cabinets. Castle grey is a classic shade of grey. For instance, you already have a white marble countertop. Then, grey color cabinets will increase the level of your kitchen. Similarly, castle grey cabinets look perfect with black countertops.

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4- Dark espresso:

The espresso color is one of the most popular shades in J&K cabinetry. Many people like their cabinets to have dark colors. These cabinets are best for a compact size kitchen. Similarly, it gives both a traditional and modern touch to your kitchen space. The dark brown undertones look stunning with a beige color countertop. If you want to try something unique, go for espresso cabinets.

5- Cream glazed:

This color is slightly different from off-white. It is both elegant and classy in its appeal. For a lighter tone kitchen, cream-glazed cabinets are the best choice. Also, it gives a creamy smooth texture to your kitchen. This color goes perfect with beige marble or granite countertops. Choose this shade if you prefer a simple, fresh look.

6- Mocha glazed:

It is a unique color for a modern kitchen. Mocha glaze color has unique brown undertones in it. Also, brown never goes out of fashion in kitchen cabinets. Most homeowners still prefer brown color cabinets. Therefore, the mocha glaze is the perfect shade for such a stunning outlook. You can pair a dark and deep grainy countertop with mocha glaze cabinets. This shade is available in J&K cabinetry along with other options.

7- Greige:

Recently, you might have seen cabinets in this color. As the name suggests, it is a mixture of beige and grey. However, the grey shade over-powers the beige in it. It has a unique and stunning feel. It is an attractive color for most of us. Griege color cabinets go perfect with white marble countertops. It gives a refreshing effect to your kitchen space.

8- Charcoal grey:

This grey shade is also attractive along with others. Charcoal grey has dark undertones. Therefore, it is a perfect shade for a modern kitchen. Most American kitchens use charcoal grey cabinets with nova grey set up. In addition to it, it pairs well with stainless steel appliances. It looks stunning in every respect. You can pair it with black galaxy granite countertops.


When it comes to quality kitchen cabinets, you can play with their colors. So, it is interesting to decide the color of your cabinets. In this case, J&K cabinetry provides a wide range of options for cabinets’ colors. 

Whether you want a traditional or modern kitchen, there are several choices in colors. For an elegant look, go for pearl white, greige, cream glazed colors. And for a unique touch, opt for castle grey, mocha brown, and espresso. Choose according to your aesthetic preferences.