Los Angeles, the leading business, social & cultural character city, is one which is visited by a number of American citizens and Foreigners, on a daily basis. The city is a famous spot for vacations, business meetings, and cultural visits. The Los Angeles Airport, abbreviated as LAX, is known to be the second busiest airport in the US, due to a very high number of travelers and passengers. The process of traveling, however, does not end at LAX. In order to move conveniently from the airport to your location, you would require cab services. Now general cabs can be very expensive. But now that is not an issue too! There are now several Black car lax services, providing transport to and from the airport. Now, here’s a few interesting facts about LAX airport which distinguishes it from the other ones:

1. The spacious parking:

Though at many airports in the world, parking can be a major issue. This prevents people from seeing off or receiving their guests. These guests then have to travel to their location alone, and maybe lost since they may not be familiar with the city’s routes. However, Parking is not an issue at LAX. There are over 21000, empty parking slots, at the airport to park your Black car lax

2. The LAX Airport Song:

As unusual as it may sound; it’s true! The Los Angeles Airport has its own song which was written by Leann Scott in 1970. The song was performed next year by, famous singer Susan Raye. Recently, on the airport’s 75th-anniversary celebration, the song was improvised by the same lyricist and then sung by its original singer.

3. Transportation links:

The LAX airport has public transportation links, connected from the airport to other areas. This provides ease to travelers. They can easily find a bus, black car Lax, shuttles and even light rail.  Unlike, other airports, people do not have to waste any time, and can easily reach their location on time.

4. The Heart of LA:

Many airports are known to be situated in the outskirts of the city. They also tend to be very small, and can only accommodate a low number of passengers. However, The LAX Airport is built centrally in the heart of the city on a massive 3,425 acres.

5. Every Artist’s dream:

Every artist wishes, to spend hours, observing brilliant paintings and artwork. This dream comes true, for artists traveling to Los Angeles. The Airport has a specially reserved area, where the artwork of skillful high school students is displayed. The Artists, with a connected flight, mostly feast their eyes on these, for hours. It also helps to discover talented young artists.

6. Availability of all sorts of Airport Services:

The LAX airport provides a range of services, to suit the different requirements of all sorts of passengers. At the airport you will be able to find, bookstores, restaurants, shoe stores, banking services, Black car Lax Service bookings, and duty-free stores.