Saskatchewan has conducted a new draw in which it shortlisted 202 candidates were selected from 7 occupations. These occupations are as follows:

1226Conference and event planners
0423Managers in social, community and correctional services
3216Medical sonographers
4215Instructors of persons with disabilities

All these occupations are valid for the Express Entry and the International Skilled Worker-Occupations-in-demand immigration streams of Saskatchewan. However, work experience is definitely needed to be selected for these 7 occupations as per these immigration streams.

International Skilled Worker: Occupations-in-demand stream

For application to the Occupations-in-demand stream of SINP, application to the OASIS portal is needed. SINP, however, changed the list after this draw. As per this change, the occupation of Conference and event planners was removed from this list. There are only 19 occupations left on this list after the removal of the NOC code 1226(Conference and event planners). The occupations-in-demand list is a very important part of the immigration program of Saskatchewan.

This applicant must also have CLB4 for him to be considered qualified for this kind of application. Getting this score is pretty much simple, and you have to get up to 4 each in the bands of Writing and Speaking, 4.5 in Listening and 3.5 in Reading which are quite easy scores. However, some employers can also seek a CRS score more than this. You needto provide documents such as birth certificate, divorce decrees if applicable or marriage certificates. If you are living in a live-in relationship, then you must include the form IMM 5409 which is a declaration of your common-law-union.

1-year experience is mandatory for a candidate if he wants to be selected as per this stream for the Federal Skilled Worker class. He can also apply for this stream as per the Canadian experience class if he has work experience of 1 year in the previous 3 years.For applying through the OASIS portal, the candidate needs to pay a fee for 300 CAD.

Anyone who is applying for this profile must have post-secondary education for one year.

Employment standards in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is a province where a lot of Business Standards have been mandated for employers. The Saskatchewan Employment Act is there as per which an employee of this province can lodge a complaint with the authority of the Employment Standards Divisiononce he is not paid his salary on time.If the employee is not getting salary slips or pay stubs, even then he has the authority to file a complaint about the concerned employer.

There are also standards followed with regards to the termination of an employee. It is true that an employee is to be given 1 months notice when he is to be terminated. This duration of the notice period actually exists when the employee has been working with a company with a duration longer than 3 years but less than 5 years.

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