God desires for His people to enjoy prosperous lives, which includes financial prosperity. The lives of individuals who love and obey God are marked by economic success. Many devout people in the Bible, such as Abraham, Joseph, and even King David, have experienced it. God provides financial blessings to His people.

It’s always good to earn money ethically without hurting your religious beliefs. You will find many bible verses about money management that are still relevant in today’s world. As many people lose their peace of mind while running greedily behind money, here are five ways to earn money the biblical way. Take a look.

1. Work Hard

You might believe this is self-evident, yet the Bible plainly states in Proverbs 14:32 that all labor brings profit, while whining only gets poverty. According to Chapter 28 of the same book, whoever tills the earth will have enough bread, but whoever follows vain people will be destitute.

These passages indicate that hard effort should come first when it comes to earning money. Still, many people lack the perseverance or capacity to persist with what they’re doing, preferring to follow ineffective counsel or giving up entirely. So there you have it. Work hard.

2. Follow a Specialty in Your Career

You must manage your money and make it work for you rather than against you, so understanding the investment cycles is beneficial. The Bible mentions a man named Abraham who thrived due to his obedience to God (Genesis 12:4). Abraham’s niche, shepherding (his profession), silver (his money), and precious goods were all blessed by God (investments).

In the Bible, the cattle, or your profession, come first. The key is to specialize in your field; as Proverbs 13:15 indicates, “excellent understanding bestows favor.” Obtain a good college education and pursue a career as a specialist.

3. Help People in Need

Did you know that giving to the needy is a way to donate to the Lord? “He who takes pity on the destitute lends to the Lord, and He will repay what he has given,” Proverbs 19:17 says. God will reward you for helping people who are in need.

4. Plan for Future

 The Bible’s Genesis 41 tells the narrative of seven bountiful harvest years and seven poor years, and it says that you should plant crops in the good years to prepare for the lean ones. You can find another example of a recession in the Bible, such as when the government reduces interest rates aggressively.

5. Connect with People Who Inspire You

More often than not, who you associate with will impact your potential to make money. Consider the relationship between Abraham and Lot. Lot succeeded in his work due to his employment and mainly because of his relationship with Abraham. Whether it’s a friend, a parent, or a colleague, the idea is to surround yourself with people who will amplify your skills and set you on the correct road.

These bible verses about money management can help you prosper financially. The answers are always around you; all you have to do is look closely. In the same way, the secrets of earning money have always been there.